Where is the log door expensive?

The hottest topic nowadays is the house. When a house is started, home improvement becomes the hottest word. The "gate" as the finishing touch in the home decoration is also an indispensable link. So what kind of door is good? Now the main thing is natural, then of course it is the original wooden door. However, some people have some doubts, they are all wood. Why is the price of the original wooden door always so expensive? With this question, let us look at an introduction to the original wooden door.

(1) Naturalness: refers to the characteristics of the original wooden door that can satisfy people's enjoyment of nature. Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, more and more synthetic materials are available, and natural materials are increasingly in short supply. However, due to the increasing awareness of environmental protection and self-protection, the pursuit of natural materials has become a fashion, which makes the naturalness of the original wooden door a characteristic that people attach great importance to.

(2) Luxury: It means that the original wooden doors are often drawn from precious tree species and the processing techniques are carefully crafted. Due to the continuous improvement of people's consumption level, the wood used to make the original wooden door is no longer ordinary wood. Generally, there are some precious tree species with many excellent characteristics, such as European eucalyptus, ash, etc., which makes the original wood door single. The material has a good texture and look. At the same time, due to the high cost of materials, it invisibly promotes the fineness of people in the production process, thereby further improving their ornamental.

(3) Handmade, high labor costs

Therefore, it is not difficult to find that due to the high cost of raw wood door materials, the utilization rate of materials is greatly restricted by the natural defects of wood. In today's highly developed wood comprehensive utilization technology, in a sense, hand-made wooden doors are a kind of comparison. Big resources are wasted. The lack of timber resources has led to a higher price of wood. The price of wood determines the price of the original wooden door is relatively high, and the price of the more precious tree species will be more expensive.

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