What is a smart TV? How about a smart TV?

What is a smart TV ? Smart TV is a new product based on the impact of the Internet wave. Its purpose is to bring users a more convenient experience, which has become a trend of TV. So what about smart TV ? What are the advantages and disadvantages of smart TV? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will give you an answer one by one, let's take a look.






What is a smart TV?


Smart TV is a new TV product that has a fully open platform and is equipped with an operating system. Users can install and uninstall various application software while continuing to enhance and upgrade their functions while enjoying ordinary TV content. Smart TVs continue to give users a rich, personalized experience that is different from cable digital TV receivers (set-top boxes).






How about a smart TV?


The advantages of smart TV:


1. Smart TV can realize various application services such as network search, IP TV, video on demand (VOD) , digital music, network news, network video call, etc.


2 , is becoming the third type of information access terminal after the computer and mobile phone, users can access the information they need at any time;


3 , will become a smart device to achieve cross-platform search between TV, network and programs;


4 , Smart TV will also be an "entertainment center", users can search for TV channels, record TV programs, be able to play satellite and cable TV programs and network video.


Disadvantages of smart TV:


1. At present, smart TVs on the market are also experimental products in the initial stage, and even many companies' products are “pseudo-intelligence”. At present, many smart TVs use Android system, which can download software, enable web browsing, and can control each other with mobile computers. However, these are just some of the basic ways that these TV technologies can be "can". The real "smart" control is There have been no major breakthroughs.


2 , the past conventional remote control does not use the smart features of smart TV, such as browsing the web, playing games online and other complex operations, how to solve operational obstacles is also a big problem.


3. Interoperability between brands cannot be achieved. At present, the operation schemes of smart TVs are diversified and cannot be shared universally. It is more troublesome for users, and it is also the biggest obstacle to the development of smart TVs. Only open applications for APP form The interconnection between brands of TV systems can replicate the success of smartphones.


The above is what is the smart TV that Xiaobian brings to you ? How about a smart TV? I believe that everyone has a basic understanding of what smart TV is after reading this article. If you want to know more about decoration consultation, please click to enter the decoration knowledge channel !


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