What are the special floor brands for floor heating? Which floor heating brand is good

What are the special floor brands for floor heating? The variety of brands on the market makes people who want to decorate difficult, do not know how to choose, in order to choose the floor that we are satisfied with, we need to understand which brands of floor heating dedicated floors? Which floor heating brand is good? Below we elaborate.

Floor heating dedicated floor is divided into solid wood floor, multi-layer solid wood floor, reinforced floor. Because of the particularity of the geothermal environment, the requirements on the floor are extremely high, so ordinary ordinary wood materials can not be used for geothermal floor.

Solid wood flooring brands such as nature, iconostasis, Fillinger, life home and other brands are all very good, but when using solid wood flooring, the thermal conductivity is not very good, and it is easy to deform. Floor heating generally uses solid wood multilayer flooring. With good thermal conductivity, it can have a comfortable and warm environment in winter and survive the long winter.

The heat transfer, dimensional stability, environmental protection, service durability and comfort of multi-layer solid wood flooring are significantly better than other flooring varieties, and are recognized as the most suitable materials for geothermal flooring. There are many brands, such as Bijia, etc., it is recommended to communicate with professional decoration personnel, and then buy after you have a detailed understanding. Of course, there are other brands. You need to inquire in time, do your homework, choose a satisfactory floor, and have a happy life.

Laminated flooring is the best choice for floor heating. Laminated flooring is mostly 7-8mm thick. It is easy to conduct the heat generated by the geothermal system to the surface, and the surface of the composite floor is a wear-resistant layer of metal oxide. The surface spreads very quickly and evenly. In order to increase the amount of heat conduction, the thickness of the cushion material and the floor should not be too thick. The standard thickness of the geothermal floor is 6.5-7mm.

What are the brands of special floor heating? Which floor heating brand is good? We have already understood this problem. When choosing the special floor heating, please carefully understand in detail, compare the performance of the floor mentioned above, you will find the price Appropriate, good reputation, dedicated floor heating floor.

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