Use environment and daily maintenance of sand and dust test chamber

Use environment and daily maintenance of sand and dust test chamber

Metal element analyzers have high requirements on the environment. First of all, there must be a clean laboratory in the sand and dust test chamber, especially the instruments using optical detectors. If there is much dust in the surrounding environment, once the dust enters the optical path system of the instrument, it will inevitably affect the sensitivity of the instrument. Dust often causes poor contact of parts or deteriorates the electrical insulation performance due to suction, which affects the normal use of the instrument. Therefore, the cleaning work is also an important link in the maintenance of the instrument.

Power requirements: Metal element analyzers have higher power requirements. The good power supply of the sand and dust test chamber is extremely important for the accuracy and stability of the instrument. Surge voltage and transient pulses from the power grid are very harmful to the instrument, will destroy the scanning electron microscope and computer work, cause signal image distortion, and will interfere with the work of preamplifiers, microcurrent amplifiers and other components. It is recommended to use a reliable power supply, which can improve the performance of the power supply and enable a safe shutdown in case of abnormal power failure.

The temperature and humidity of the environment have a great influence on the instrument. The sand and dust test chamber requires electronic components, especially integrated circuits, to work properly within a suitable temperature range. Therefore, in order to ensure the precision of the instrument and prolong its service life, the instrument should always be at an ambient temperature that meets the requirements. The environmental humidity requirements of the instrument should also be paid enough attention, especially like in the south, the humidity in the room is very high during the rainy season, and the humid environment is very easy to cause the embroidering of the instrument components and cause damage and malfunction. The humid environment also easily causes the insulation performance of the instrument to deteriorate, resulting in unsafe factors. Usually use the dehumidification function of the air conditioner to control the humidity of the laboratory. The desiccant placed in the instrument should be checked regularly, and if it fails, it should be replaced in time.

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