The furniture is not good enough

Suddenly a small movement to close the door, so that after the 90 girls sneak back and smoked. The upper body is stiff and painful. It is a problem to raise your hand and bow your head. It also walks like a robot. Under the doctor's questioning, the party said that it is really a day to play with a mobile phone, reading a book everywhere, and often watching a computer at a temporary table and chairs. As a result, these bad habits have long made her cervical and thoracic spine in a distorted state. One inch, the small bones are misplaced.
In fact, friends around me often complain of muscle soreness and muscle pain. Experienced orthopaedic surgeons have analyzed that in addition to the traditional weather causes such as damp heat and coldness, the body is irritating. People have neglected the point that the posture of standing, sitting and sitting is implied with posture and health. The influence, especially the sitting and lying furniture, if the scale and shape are not appropriate, can lead to improper body posture, which is becoming a key factor causing high incidence of bone diseases.
Seeing this, you probably don't consciously straighten your waist. Orthopaedic experts warn, don't wait until the formation of lesions, and quickly examine their posture, and the furniture that is used every day: Is your table and chair height difference suitable when working at the desk? Is your back getting the support you need when you are sitting still? In all kinds of strange postures, when your mobile phone sends WeChat, is your chair, bed or sofa completely unable to fit your bones?
Professional furniture designers also understand that there should be a proper scale relationship between furniture and the body. In the mutual support, if it is more vigorous, bones, muscles and meridians will be in a "distorted" state for a long time. So, how big is the impact of furniture on the body? How to use the furniture correctly to ensure a healthy body posture? In this issue, experts will use the "Guangxia Times" to talk carefully.

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