The art of the ultimate space of the Voge style sliding door wardrobe

[ China Wardrobe ] Woge overall wardrobe is a fashion home customization enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and sales of the whole wardrobe . It provides a full set of professional space solutions for the consumers in the market. In order to better understand the brand's products, we evaluated one of them.

Product Name: Style open door

Product brand: Vogel

Product style: modern

Voge style wardrobe

Product introduction: Vogel wardrobe has its own unique aesthetic understanding and appreciation for products, which makes the product design and application always at the forefront of the industry. The design of Woog wardrobe is a combination of nature and humanity. It has deep depth and the ingenious use of conversion decorative strips has surpassed the product design in the general sense and is a pioneering work in material aesthetics. However, Vogel's understanding of aesthetics is not only the case. The product application is sublimated to the ultimate space art through three stages: deep understanding, deep design and deep processing.

The Wogg wardrobe products have outstanding texture effects and are unmatched in appearance. They are suitable for various living spaces. The 8 color products are enough to satisfy all kinds of styles, and the superior performance is enough to cope with various complex processing. The rich and varied textures are full of infinite combinations, enabling you to create a unique self-reality. The ultimate charm of Vogel products will be infinitely perfect after the ergonomics and fashion aesthetics.

· Sturdy aluminum frame with ABS plastic corners, no worry about pointy edges

· Easy installation with fixing kits, can be mounted vertically or horizontally

· Can be used widely in home, office & school for memo, meeting & teaching etc.

· It comes with push pins to use.

· Option: Cork sheet,felt sheet

Notice Board Cabinet

Pin Board,Cork Notice Board,Notice Board Cabinet,Office Notice Board