Testing methods of third-party authoritative institutions for high and low temperature test chambers

The high and low temperature test chamber is a necessary environmental test equipment for various industries. It is mainly used to test and determine the parameters and performance of electronic electricians, materials and other products after the temperature environment of high temperature, low temperature or constant test changes. At present, there are many manufacturers and all kinds of brands are mixed. For the true rights and interests of customers, Beijing Yashilin can provide third-party authority inspection as an important certificate of the product! Customers should pay attention to the following items when measuring:

Measurement items, methods and calculations of high and low temperature test chamber:

Measurement characteristics: temperature deviation, temperature fluctuation, temperature uniformity


1. Uniformity: the difference between the test points at a certain moment in the working space of the environmental test equipment in a stable state. (Simple definition: temperature difference between points)

2. Fluctuation: the environmental test equipment is in a stable state, the amount of change of the center parameter of the working space with time. (Simplely defined as: the beating value of a point)

3. Deviation: Under the stable state, the measured maximum value and measured minimum value of each measuring point of the working space deviate from the nominal value.

Measurement method:

1. The measurement is carried out under no-load conditions. If there is a load, the load should be stated in the certificate.

2. The measurement of turbidity and humidity points should generally select the upper limit, lower limit and center point of the equipment's use range, and the actual commonly used temperature and humidity points can also be selected according to user needs

3. Location of measurement points: when the equipment volume is less than 2m3, there are 9 temperature points, 3 humidity points, the equipment volume is greater than 2m3, 15 temperature points, and 4 temperature points

Testing methods of third-party authoritative institutions for high and low temperature test chambers

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