Test purpose and test plan of temperature shock test chamber

The temperature shock test chamber is a necessary test equipment for the metal, plastic, rubber, electronics and other material industries. It is used to test the structure of materials or composite materials. It can tolerate the continuous environment of extremely high and low temperatures in an instant. Detect the chemical change or physical damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction of the sample in the shortest time.

The structure of the temperature shock test box equipment usually has three forms: single box type, vertical lifting type and horizontal two box type. The single-box type requires less cooling capacity and added volume, and this structure has poor feasibility and few practical applications. The vertical lifting type avoids the influence of the external environment through the conversion of internal lifting, but due to the lifting device itself As a heat load, it consumes cold or heat, so this method is usually suitable for small test boxes. For medium and large test boxes, because the lifting device is too heavy, this method is not suitable. The horizontal two boxes are connected by the two boxes. Conversion reduces the load of the cabinet and reduces the cooling and heating capacity of the equipment, but requires a horizontal conversion device and will be affected by the external environment.

Therefore, the selection of the test method should be analyzed according to the specific situation. For small equipment, the vertical lifting method is used to save one box, which can save costs; but for medium and large temperature shock test boxes, as long as the scheme is reasonable and feasible, it can guarantee to meet According to the requirements of the national military standard, it is a better choice to use the horizontal two-box test plan.

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