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Xinbao has a complete set of products for different end uses. These high-end technologies have strengthened its leading position in the industry.

such as:
1) Windmaster 5 micron film: This is the thinnest, breathable, waterproof and waterproof film in the world. It not only has the characteristics of windproof and waterproof, but also makes the ultra-light fabric of 60g per square meter possible. As a result, jackets, trousers, and coats are lighter and feel softer. The feeling of wearing the new Bao suit jacket seems to wear a soft knitted T-shirt, at the same time, the coat also has the famous wind protection and wind cold function of the new protection. It can be used on running and cycling clothing, fleece and trousers, pullovers, vests, pants and gloves.

2) Reflexion Reflective Film: Apply 40 nm aluminum to the film to reflect 75% of body heat. This applies to a winter jacket with the following effect: In the case of outdoor minus five degrees Celsius and jacket inside 30 degrees Celsius, the difference between jacket and aluminum layer without aluminum layer is 2.5 degrees. Do not underestimate this 2.5 degrees, the human body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius, and in the case of 39.5 degrees Celsius has already had a fever. Last year, climbers climbed K2 Mountain. They were equipped with boots with reflective film and achieved great success.

3) High2Out: This is a combination of a new Polysyne film and a special hydrophilic lining material. It has more than 120% breathability compared to traditional Xinbao Shi products. It allows the body's moisture, even sweat, to be quickly absorbed by the hydrophilic lining and spread rapidly on its surface, allowing it to be transferred to the thin film layer over a larger area and further transferred to the body. Clothing can also dry faster. In intense sports, its role will be more pronounced.

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