Summer file is busy, where does Dad go to buy a wardrobe?

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] This summer is destined to be extraordinary, because every family is very busy. What are you doing? Family who like sports, watching the World Cup become a family activity center, their obsession with football ignited the family's enthusiasm; while other families chose the summer file parent-child program, following last year's "Where is Dad?" After the show was hot, David looked like a parent-child craze, so "Daddy came back" came into being. Now, "Where is Dad going to the second season?" is back, and the parent-child boom has swept the whole summer.

The summer fever parent-child program has not been scattered, and the child growth problem caused by it is worthy of deep thought. The wardrobe is a must-have for daily life. With the growth of the child, it is necessary to choose a good children's wardrobe, because the wardrobe can effectively help. Storage, can also be used as a giant toy for children to entertain. Good children's wardrobes are not available everywhere. On this hot summer, where do the fathers buy wardrobes?

First, the top solid wardrobe

Recommended products: top solid acorn white smart wardrobe - smart to add energy to children

Smart wardrobes are definitely very attractive to children. Now, after 00, children, for these trendy things, have strong acceptance and high attention. Buying a smart wardrobe to go home will definitely attract children's attention and increase their vitality.

Children's wardrobe

Appearance, this wardrobe with brown bronze top solid patent hardware, noble, pure temperament overflows in the bedroom, adding a refined and refined home, the overall shape can win the children's favorite.

The internal structure is very consistent with the characteristics that children like to play, and it also takes into account the safety of children. The touch-type self-elastic drawer, the simple design without handle, the hidden slide rail, the silent damping system, the perfect and intimate humanized design, even if the children do not lightly push and pull, live and jump, they will not bump into it. At the same time, it ensures the perfection of the drawer. The larger living space allows the children to play as much as they can.

Second, the good Lai Ke wardrobe

Recommended products: Good Lai Keer Grimm fairy tale children's wardrobe - fairytale dream world

The good Lai Ke children's wardrobe is named after the "Grimson Fairy Tale". From the name, it makes people think about it. It creates a fairy-tale world for the children. The child's world is pure. From childhood, it is influenced by Grimm's fairy tale. Listening to this name is easy to win the children's favorite.

Wardrobe purchase

Appearance, the overall shape of the white reveals a clean and pure atmosphere, moderate size, neutral color and pattern, suitable for men and women, omitting the fancy pattern and bright colors, making the wardrobe suitable for children of all ages.

In the internal structure, the acrylic edge band is selected for the child's lively and active personality. The hand feels softer than the ordinary edge banding, and the design is curved chamfered around the plate, which can reduce the damage suffered by children in the event of accidental impact. And this wardrobe is amazingly equipped to meet the strong storage needs of children's growth. Dad, no longer have to worry about the children's clothing storage problems.

Children are a group that needs care. Their every move, every word and deed has received much attention. Therefore, when choosing a children's wardrobe, the fathers must be careful not only to choose the wardrobe board, but also the wardrobe design should be taken seriously, and everything should be based on the health and safety of the baby.

What are the dads waiting for this summer? If you love your baby, then take him to pick the wardrobe together!

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