Start from the root to reduce sticky box failure (6)

Raw material testing

In order to save materials and ensure the quality of products after production, the raw materials are generally tested before actual production to ensure the nature of the raw materials that will be purchased in large quantities. Determine the characteristics of the materials that you need, inform the supplier so that it can provide the raw materials needed to meet your production, and determine the products that meet different needs from different suppliers. Usually one bottle of adhesive is taken, and the commonly used face paper and corrugated paper are cut and glued. If the paper is flat and free from curl after bonding, the phenomenon of splicing is found. It is necessary to directly identify the result. The cause of the sticky box failure. In the testing of raw materials, we will find that the same products from different suppliers exhibit completely different performance, that is, the products purchased by the same supplier are also different, so the purchase of raw materials from different suppliers and from There are quality differences in the purchase of different batches of products by the same supplier, so you must consider when purchasing:

n Cardboard is one of the causes of adhesive failure, especially when changing the supplier of cardboard, the change in the performance of cardboard is relatively large. That is to say, the quality of the board produced in the same workshop and produced by the same equipment is different, not to mention the difference between the quality of the boards produced in different workshops and different equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to change suppliers and choose carefully.
n For batch production of adhesives, the quality of each lot must be different, which may lead to glue quality problems. In the production, the operator must constantly detect the quality of the adhesive in order to ensure the flow of the adhesive. Sexual and continuous deployment of adhesives.
n Changes in the production process, even when the seasons are different, can lead to failure of the adhesive box. Because the seasonal changes will cause changes in temperature and humidity, directly lead to changes in the parameters of paper and adhesives, causing adhesion failure.
n Do not arbitrarily change the type of adhesive to ensure the consistency of use.

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