Some Points to Be Noted When Drying Waterborne Adhesives

Shishi Xinguang Packaging Co., Ltd. began using styrofoam two years ago, mainly in order to reduce the peak transfer of aluminum plating. Shorten the delivery cycle. Compared to solvent glue. The operation of water glue is relatively simple. But also note some of the main points of the control process. In the actual work, we summarize Gan and share with our peers here.
1 Since the amount of glue on the glue is very small, the glue roller must select the dense and shallow laser-engraved roller. It is usually 200 lines/35 U. The opening shape of the mesh of the laser roller is larger than 匕. This ensures that the glue can be transferred to the retort again.

Before using the glue, be sure to slowly stir the glue in the barrel for 5 minutes. Ensure that a variety of tinctures in the glue are mixed evenly

3. Before the upper cavity, it is necessary to check the surface of the film. It is best to use Dayuan liquid. Instead of sending a pen. The surface tension of the film must be at least 38 doctors, and the surface of the ink should also be inspected. The surface tension of some inks is relatively low.

4 Use a counter-rotating 鼬Amine roller as much as possible. We observe the class in the process of buying raw corpses, and the reverse exhibition has a great influence on the appearance by adjusting the speed. Can make the appearance optimal.

5 oven temperature is set to 80 °C -85 °C a 95 °C (temperature can be turned on after setting the temperature). It is more important than the temperature that the air inlet and exhaust of the oven should be put into the maximum air volume.
Compound hot drum temperature set to 75°C to 85°C
The compound hot drum pressure is maximized. Note temperature setting. Consider the recommended turbulent parts as much as possible when considering the ability of the film and process to withstand the energy situation.)
6 Air diaphragm pump must be used for glue tank and glue bucket. Clean the pump before use. Do not mix with solvent.
7. In order to prevent blocking, the chaos knife should be loosened in case of a breakdown. The upper roll is soaked in the glue
8 The machine speed is too high and the body is angry. You can use a uniform ink stick in the slot.
9 Using the capsular sac, first rinse the cavity with water and then rinse the ethyl ester thoroughly. If it has been blocked, it needs to be cleaned with butanone.

II] The storage temperature of the glue must not be lower than 5°C, nor can it be exposed to sun exposure and cannot be contaminated by dirt, solvents, etc.

11 appearance such as scratches. Generally pay attention to two wins: First, the scraping phenomenon caused by the scraper is not clean, clean up to the knife; second is blocked version. Clear the plate roller. Tian Yu Shui Gelou is the adhesion of two layers of thin waist by filming principle. Therefore, the compounding effect is very stable, and the produced product can be cut immediately. Because rainbow trout has a good composite quality due to the process or substrate, it can be seen in the first time after the machine has been removed, and the problem will not be discovered after a large number of drownings. After two years of use, our company believes that water glue really has six advantages over traditional sol-deposited aluminum crucibles. Recently we have begun to try to apply more water composition to the structure.

Source: 21st Century Fine Chemicals Network

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