Solutions for the determination of 24 aromatic amines released by azo dyes

The measurement method of aromatic amines released by azo dyes in textiles developed by Dima Technology uses diatomite column for extraction and purification, and then uses Spursil C18 column for analysis, which can simultaneously meet the analysis of all 24 kinds of aromatic amines. This method is in the world Leading level, suitable for the detection of prohibited aromatic amines decomposed by azo dyes in textile and leather products.

Polythene packaging bags often referred to as polybags, they are a cost-effective packaging solution made from high-clarity light-weight polythene.

When looking for a simple and cost-effective packaging solution, Poly Packaging are typically one of the first options that come to mind. Although the barrier quality of these pouches is significantly lower than a Foil Packaging, they still provide an air-tight environment.


Our low-cost polythene packaging bags are 100% recyclable and are manufactured to food grade standards.

Poly Packaging

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