Several types of food can not be touched during the madness of acne

Summer has arrived, and some people will be mad at the face. In addition to the problem of clean skin, there may be NG in the diet. If you want to avoid becoming a acne girl, you need to know how to choose food smartly and avoid it. Mine! The following are foods that can't be eaten by acne !

The period of acne madness, several types of food can not touch

1. High glycemic index food : bread, starch, chocolate

The glycemic index is also called GI value. The diet with high glycemic index is easy to make blood sugar rise rapidly. The food is also easy to absorb and decompose immediately. When sugar enters the blood for a short time, it will cause hormone fluctuations such as insulin secretion, which will cause youth. The madness of acne grows and deteriorates.

Common high-GI foods include refined starches such as pasta, udon noodles, French bread, pastries, potatoes, or dessert chocolates, donuts, biscuits, and ice cream, all of which are high. Foods with GI values ​​should avoid excessive intake of these foods when there are already small acne on their faces, so as to avoid the deterioration of acne.

2. Milk, cream dairy products series

Milk contains natural hormones, which is why it makes the skin easy to oil and clog pores. Especially after processing, it is degreased and low-fat milk. Harvard University has found that natural hormones in milk can cause skin to be easily oily. Clogged pores, which increased the chance of breeding acne by 44%. In addition, foods such as cheese, yogurt, ice cream and other milk are the main ingredients, which will increase the chance of taking acne.

3. Peanut butter, biscuits and other high-oil foods

Peanut butter can be said to be a food that many people love and hate. Although it is delicious and delicious, it is often used as an ingredient in many dishes. But peanut itself is a plant with very high oil content. If you eat too much peanuts during long acne. Products will undoubtedly increase acne production. In addition, don't look at the crispy and delicious biscuits. In fact, in the process of making biscuits, in order to make the taste more, you must add a lot of cream. In the case of high oil, you will accelerate the secretion of sebaceous glands and make acne. More arrogant on the face.

4. Iodine-containing food: seaweed, salt

Foods with high levels of iodine are also mines that are sensitive to acne. The reason is that mineral iodine in the diet can cause swelling of the pores, leading to adult acne outbreaks, eating too much salty food or foods containing high levels of iodine such as shrimps and sea vegetables. It will also aggravate endocrine disorders, leading to metabolic disorders in sebum and more acne and acne. >>> Five small ways to help you eliminate wrinkles in your mouth

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