Shanghai Rui Tang Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the French SEDIS chain, SEDIS sprocket, SEDIS gear, SEDIS rack, SEDIS wheels, SEDIS leaf chain and other products, price concessions, short lead times.
French company sedis is an industrial chain manufacturer whose predecessor, Charles SEBIN, was founded in 1866 and began production of the chain after the merger of Peugeot in 1895. Today, sedis has become France's largest industrial chain manufacturer, and its production scale and output value are among the top three in Europe. Its products cover BS and AS series standards and non-standard transmission roller chains, conveyor chains (ISO, BS), plate chains, flat top chains, agricultural machinery chains and sprockets, and gears in seven categories and thousands of specifications. Sedis company obtained ISO9001 quality system certification in 1989 and became the first chain manufacturer to obtain this certification in the world. After rigorous testing by Danish FORCE INSTITUTES metaLLURGY DEPARTMENT, sedis chain is considered to be one of the most durable products. The reason why sedis achieves good results is because she pays great attention to technological innovation, product quality, delivery time and after-sales service. Currently sedis owns a number of patented technologies, its DELTA Chain, DELTA-Z Chain and Green Chain are among the main technical products. In the production process, sedis strictly selects raw materials and suppliers, parts world-class heat treatment technology, chain plate processing through multiple processes, special technology applied in the sleeve processing, provide seamed rollers and seamless rollers, long-term lubrication , MOS2 conveyor chain special treatment, advanced mechanical system pre-pull, in order to achieve higher resistance to fatigue and wear resistance.
Today sedis is committed to the development of the Chinese market. After a long period of domestic market research, it has been found that many companies have a large amount of demand for high-end products, but domestic products cannot satisfy them. We hope to introduce sedis products to China through the establishment of regional distributors or industry general agents. We are willing to work with you to explore new areas. Widely used in: automobiles, elevators, motorcycles, cement plants, food processing, textile machinery, agricultural machinery, brick and tile machinery, paper products processing, tobacco products and other industries. SEDIS products mainly include: chain, sprockets, gears, racks, wheels, leaf chains, conveyor chains, triangle chains, roller chains, transmission equipment

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