Red and white pine wardrobe "color and fragrance" are all different maintenance must be known

[ China Wardrobe ] As we all know, the wardrobe plates are varied, and the red and white pines have always been a good plate for the wardrobe. The wardrobe made of red and white pine is visually enjoyable, and the red and white pines are very healthy and environmentally friendly. Therefore, it is widely loved by people. How to maintain the wardrobe made of red and white pine? In fact, the maintenance methods of the wardrobes made by these two kinds of plates are different.

First, white pine wardrobe maintenance

White pine wardrobe maintenance

1. The surface of the pine wardrobe should avoid rubbing with hard objects to avoid damaging the texture of the paint surface and the surface of the wood. For example, when placing decorative items such as porcelain bronzes, be careful. It is best to use a soft cloth. Avoid placing the closet in front of a large glass window facing south. The long-term direct sunlight will make the closet too dry and fade. Hot water cups, etc. cannot be placed directly on the surface of the closet, leaving traces that are not easily removed. Color liquids, such as ink, should never be spilled on the table.

2, directly placed on the surface of the wooden closet with hot water, will leave a white round plaque on the wooden closet. Generally, it will be removed as long as it is wiped in time. However, if the hot marks are too deep, you should gently apply it to the top with ordinary iodine, or apply some petrolatum on the hot marks. After two days, wipe with a soft cloth to remove the hot marks. You can also use a soft cloth dipped in alcohol, perfume or kerosene, and wipe it hard. The white hot marks will also be removed. After removing the hot marks, wipe them with a soft cloth and water, then apply a layer of light wax.

3. If the wardrobe paint film is burnt by cigarette butts or unburned matches, leave a scorch mark on the wood under the unburned paint film. Use a small piece of fine-grained hard cloth, wrap a chopstick head, and gently wipe it. Traces, then, apply a thin layer of liquid, the scorch marks can be removed. If the white pine wardrobe is accidentally scratched, but does not touch the wood under the paint film, use a cotton cloth to smear a little melted wax solution, apply it to the scratch of the paint film to cover the scar. After the wax has hardened, apply another layer. Repeat this several times and the scratches will be conspicuous.

4, try to avoid the white pine closet surface contact with corrosive liquids, alcohol, nail polish and so on. In addition to pine oil, many consumers in the process of using pine wardrobes often encounter pine oil in the pine wood or ooze the surface, which is very affecting the appearance and use effect.

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