Questions and answers about sum frequency spectrum (SFG) measurement technology

SFG is an acronym for English sum frequency spectrum. As the name implies, it is a spectroscopy measurement technique that observes the sum frequency signal generated when two lasers interact with matter. The SFG signal has surface selectivity, that is, only the atoms or molecules on the interface layer contribute to the sum frequency signal, while the molecules or atoms outside the surface do not contribute to the sum frequency signal. Most of the objects of sum frequency spectroscopy are related to the vibrational level of molecules. The energy level interval of the vibration energy level is converted into a wavelength, which is exactly in the interval of 2.3-10 microns. The other beam uses visible light, then the sum-frequency light signal falls in the short-wave range of visible light, or in the near ultraviolet region. There are a variety of highly sensitive detectors to choose from in this band. The sum frequency spectrum signal is usually very weak. In this band is more conducive to the detection of such weak signals.
The sum frequency spectrum measurement technique provides an effective research method for surface science on the molecular scale.

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