Printing ink market demand is rising

Liu Keqian, deputy secretary-general of the printing equipment branch of the China Printing and Equipment Industry Association, said recently that with the rapid and steady development of China's national economy, various high-end packaging printing, bill printing, document printing, securities printing, and banknote printing have rapidly expanded. At the same time, as people's awareness of environmental protection has increased, the market demand for special anti-counterfeit inks, special inks, and various environmentally friendly inks has been on the rise as a whole.

Liu Keqian said that in recent years, offset printing inks still occupy the dominant position in the market, and their share is generally more than 50%. Among them, the growth rate of web offset printing presses for news publishing and printing will be faster; the overall market demand for gravure printing inks will remain stable. The demand for plastic printing inks, Food Packaging printing inks, and water-based inks will increase; the demand for letterpress printing inks will drop significantly, but flexographic printing inks will increase with the rapid growth of the packaging industry. The proportion will increase significantly; the demand for the screen printing ink market is also on the rise.

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