Printing characteristics of color tone printing on knitted fabrics

The gradation pattern of the isobaric spatial dots consists of dots of different diameters that form a pattern on the printed object. The surface of the knitted fabric is rough compared to the printed object (paper, for example), and extremely fine dots must be lost when printed. At the same time, the textile fabric will cause larger dots due to the water absorption and fluffy structure of the fiber material. The system expands due to osmosis, even large points will be interconnected by osmosis (especially the connection of black dots). Loss of very fine ideas and large points due to osmotic connections can cause the pattern highlights and dark tone parts to lose layering. Therefore, before the color tone printing of the knitted fabric, it is necessary to adjust the pattern to be printed during the color separation. This is the characteristic of the color tone printing of the knitted fabric.

Source: China Washing & Dyeing Industry Information Center

calcium remover Features:

·Remove the ink roller surface calcareous enamel.

·Help to make the rubber roller be the best condition.

·There is no harm to human body, low content of VOC.

·Quick response and restore the ink roller ink guide.

·Dose not affect the rubber roller, the chemicals react only with calcium.

calcium remover Method of use:

1. On first use cleaner sufficient to remove the ink roller ink.

2. Right amount of the drops on the ink roller, the ink roller idler(1-5 minute)

3. Use oily cleaner or emulsifying cleaner for the last process cleaning.

4. Close the shovel ink knife then wash thoroughly with water.

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