Packaging Design and Note Principles (I)

Abstract: The principle of attention is an important means of packaging design and the basis of success, and is increasingly being valued by the packaging design community. Through the analysis of the characteristics of attention, the form of attention, the factors that cause attention, and the methods of attracting attention, the author puts forward the ultimate purpose of attracting consumers' attention by means of unintentional attention and intentional attention.

Keywords: packaging design; attention; consumer

The impact of packaging on consumers' psychological activity must be in the consumer. Pay attention to the conscious state of awakening, consumers can process information. In the unattended state, packaging information will subside on its own or enter the consumer's subconscious. Designers, manufacturers, and distributors of course all want the information of packaging to be noticed and accepted by consumers. Then it comes into effect. Therefore, when the packaging is designed, it should first attract the attention of consumers, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of packaging promotion.

1 General characteristics of attention

Attention is the orientation and concentration of a person's psychological or conscious activity on a certain object. The moment people are paying attention to the object. Psychological activity must be selectively oriented towards this - object J. Attention is inseparable from all psychological activities of people. It is manifested along with people's psychological activities such as understanding, emotion, will and interest. Note the following 2 basic features.

1.1 Direction of Attention

The directionality of attention is that people's psychological activity is selective, that is, at a certain moment, the psychological activity selectively points to a certain object, and at the same time leaves other objects. When packaging audiences are receiving packaging information, their psychological activities do not point to all things related to packaging, but rather they select the contents of packaging information from visual images, words, graphics, colors, and many other things, and keep them. Mental activity is directed to such content over time.

1.2 Concentration of attention

The concentration of attention is that within the same -0, -2, people can only notice a few objects and cannot notice all objects. These few objects focus on people's consciousness and become the center of attention. That is, the so-called gaze stare. Heartless. Concentration causes people's psychological activities to concentrate on one thing, but ignores other people, ignores them, and treats them with all their energy. This makes psychological activities more effective.

Successful packaging needs to attract the attention of consumers, if there is no packaging that can cause consumers to notice, there is no value, or that the packaging does not achieve the desired effect. Such as France's Larsen sail cognac packaging design. The shape of the bottle adopts ancient ships, sails, masts, and flags. In the sea of ​​commodities, due to the novelty of modeling, it is easy to attract the attention of consumers and achieve the goal of promotion.

2 two forms of attention

Because of the different factors that cause attention, the result is that the consumer's attention to the product is different. There are two different forms of attention formation, namely, intentional attention and unintentional attention.

2.1 Interested attention

Intentional attention refers to a conscious, purposeful, if necessary, attention that requires a certain amount of will. Intentional attention is a unique psychological phenomenon in which people concentrate their energy on a certain thing according to the needs of the subject consciousness. It is characterized by the intrinsic requirements of the subject in advance, and then focus on the exposed targets. If you read in a noisy environment and concentrate on shopping in a dazzling array of shopping malls, you are interested in paying attention.

2.2 No intention to pay attention

Unintentional attention means that there is no intended purpose in advance, and no effort is required to pay attention. Unintentional attention is caused by sudden stimulation of external factors. When the external stimulus suddenly occurs, it immediately attracts the attention of the subject and is accompanied by the emotional response of the subject. For example, when consumers walk on the street and accidentally see a certain product, they feel that it is good and cause attention to the product. This is no intention of attention.

Both intentional attention and unintentional attention are the psychological phenomena that must be studied in packaging design. In particular, there is no intention to pay attention to it because it is usually worth noting that because the packaging audience is often unaware of or unfamiliar with the information transmitted by the packaging, there is no predetermined target for consumer behavior. At this time, only through certain stimulation can consumers be attracted. Line of sight, attracting the attention of consumers, and then achieve the purpose of packaging design. 'Pay attention to your packaging, equal to half of your product sales.


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