Pacific A-1 Reversible Ultrafine Diatomite Filter

Pacific A-1 diatomite filter
A-1 type reversible diatomaceous earth swimming pool filter is a new technology introduced by Japan Pacific Miura Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd., using diatomaceous earth pre-coated on the surface of filter elements of different shapes, pressure filtration separation of suspended solids in liquid Technology, A-1 diatomite reversible filter realizes the filtering accuracy and economic benefits that traditional filtering methods cannot reach, and also reflects the new filtering concept. Produced in China, with world-leading, high-tech products. The swimming pool circulating water filter used in the 21st World University Games-Beijing Capital Institute of Physical Education is the A-1 diatomite reversible filter.
A-1 diatomite reversible filter is currently the only brand of diatomite filter for swimming pools in China. Its technical and economic indicators are superior to other types of filters.
The advantages of A-1 filter are as follows:
A-1 type reversible diatomite swimming pool filter is the crystallization of Sino-Japanese technology and a revolution of swimming pool filtration technology. It has unique advantages for professional swimming pools:
1. The area of ​​the machine room is reduced by 80%;
2. Power saving ≥40%;
3. Water saving ≥80%;
4. Heat saving ≥80%;
5. Save coagulant and save 100% of algaecide;
6. The quality of the filtered water is improved by more than 5 times, and the turbidity of the effluent is 0.5 to 1 degree;
7. The service life is extended more than 3 times, reaching 20 years;
1. High filtration accuracy, can reach 1-2 microns, can filter out Escherichia coli, algae, water turbidity after filtration is 0.5 ~ 1 degree;
2. The floor space is small, the height of the equipment is low, and the volume is only equivalent to 1/3 of the sand filter.
Save most of the civil engineering investment in the computer room;
3. Long service life and strong corrosion resistance of the filter element, the service life of the A-1 filter is 20
Year; A-1 type reversible diatomite swimming pool filter does not need to replace any parts within 10 years, and the service life reaches more than 20 years.
4. Low operating cost (1) Water consumption: the water consumption for backwashing is 1/10 of the sand filter;
(2) Electricity consumption: The total electrical load of the A-1 reversible diatomite swimming pool filter machine room is only about 3/5 of the total power load of the traditional sand tank filtration system machine room;
(3) Dosage: Diatomaceous earth needs to be added during the filtration of A-1 machine. The dosage per square meter of filtration area is 0.2 kg per filtration cycle; the sand tank filtration system needs to continuously add flocculation before filtration Agent (aluminum sulfate or ferrous sulfate), because the diatomite of A-1 machine can filter out E. coli and algae, the dosage of disinfectant is also much less than that of sand tank filtration system;
(4) A-1 type reversible diatomite swimming pool filter because of its high filtration accuracy, convenient sewage and water saving, no need to add coagulant during operation.
5. Simple operation and convenient maintenance; save the troublesome bottom drainage;
6. The equipment is light in weight and can be installed in any venue.
The sales performance of some products of A-1 swimming pool circulating water filter are summarized as follows:
One Seoul Olympic Swimming Pool
2. Japan Hiroshima Asian Games Swimming Pool
Three World University Games Swimming Pool (Capital Institute of Physical Education)
Fourth Naval Command Swimming Pool
Five Air Force Command Academy
Sixth National People's Liberation Army General Staff Swimming Pool
Seven Tianjin Shunchi Group Swimming Hall
Eight Tianjin Jiuhuali Swimming Hall
Nine Tianjin Lianri Community Swimming Hall
Ten Tianjin Tanggu District Amusement Park Swimming Hall
Eleven Tianjin Kaide Building Swimming Hall
Twelve Fushun No.3 Oil Factory Swimming Pool
Thirteen Xinjiang Karamay Oilfield Company Swimming Hall
Fourteen Beijing Autotec Oil Company Swimming Hall
15th Tangshan International Building Swimming Hall
Sixteen Tianjin Museum
Seventeen Beijing Bishui Manor Villa Community 245 households with one swimming pool per household
Eighteenth Nanjing Forest Police College
19th Suzhou Succession (on the water side)
Twenty Beijing Taihua Swimming Hall
21st Beijing Shijia Primary School Swimming Pool
Twenty-two Fushun Mining Bureau Swimming Hall
Twenty-three Grand Hotel Kunshan, Jiangsu
Twenty-four Tianjin University of Technology Swimming Hall
Twenty-five Shanghai Jinnanyuan Hotel
26 Beijing Dongzhimen Middle School
27th Hebei Titanium Application Joint Promotion Center
Twenty-eight Shaanxi Yulin Zhangjia Hotel
Twenty-nine Harbin Renhe International Health Club Swimming Pool
Thirty Harbin Northeast Forestry University Swimming Hall
Thirty-one Jiamusi University Swimming Hall
Thirty-two Harbin Municipal Party Committee Complex Building Swimming Pool
33th Daqing Beichen Green Home Club
Thirty-four Harbin Oasis
1. At present, the most advanced swimming pool filtration equipment in the world has been used in the 88 Seoul Olympic Games in Korea, the Asian Games in Hiroshima, Japan, the 21st World University Games and many major events.
2. Currently included in the "Code for Design of Water Supply and Drainage of Swimming Pools and Water Pools" is listed as a national standard.
3. Filtration media: Diatomite is algae fossil, with good chemical stability. It is used to filter food additives and alcoholic beverages. The filtered water can be completely clear and transparent, and its light transmittance can be compared with that of distilled water. The filtration rate is as high as 99.5%, and the virus rate is over 85%.
4. Floor space of machine room: 1/3 of sand filter; Service life: up to 20 years. Operating cost: 1 / 3-1 / 5 of sand filter;
It is mainly used for small and medium-sized swimming pools, with the advantages of small investment, simple maintenance, and simple and convenient installation and debugging. There is no need to configure a computer room, only the swimming pool vent pipe or the bypass pipe is installed according to the specific situation.

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