Overview of the current situation of multimedia podiums (multimedia consoles)

With the development of national education modernization, especially the implementation of the Ban Ban Tong project, the multimedia projection teaching system has become more and more popular. The multimedia platform as one of the products of the system has gradually developed from a wooden structure to a steel structure. An emerging product is different from other products in the same system. Products such as computers and projectors have undergone years of development. With relevant national standards as reference, the technology is relatively mature, and some well-known products of large enterprises have been precipitated. It is more reassuring to use; as a multimedia platform product is still in its infancy, there is no relevant national and industry standards, most of the production enterprises are micro or even small workshop-style enterprises, and the quality of employees is relatively low. Seeing that most companies do not judge the quality of their products, they just blindly imitate or even plagiarize their backward products. They cannot develop, improve and improve product quality according to user needs. Therefore, the current multimedia platform market is in a turbulent and mixed product quality Different stages of good and bad, plus project bidding Price-oriented, in order to pursue low prices, many companies continue to reduce product quality, using simple structures with serious quality risks, using the cheapest accessories, thinner than 0.8mm plates, the cheapest plastic powder, the cheapest Workers do not even order molds for processing to reduce costs, but make them by hand. The gap of the product is either too large or too small. Some doors can have a gap of 5mm on one side, but the other side does not fit. Flooding the entire Henan market, everywhere.

What is more terrible is that the majority of users know very little about it. Some users who have suffered a loss will focus on quality, while more users are experiencing the same tragedy. The reasons are:

1. Users who have not experienced inferior products have no ability or can not judge the structure of the product is unreasonable. Only after using it for 3 months to half a year, they will understand it, and often no samples are provided at the tender site, and there is no judgment .

2. Subjective consciousness that the wooden platform is changed to a steel platform is very strong, there should be no problems, so from the beginning, the ideological awareness was not enough. In fact, as the material itself, of course, steel is much stronger than wood, but due to the heavy weight of steel products, coupled with frequent daily use, if the product quality is not close, the relevant joints are very prone to problems , Thereby affecting the use.

3. Since this product is not the most important product in the system, its attention is relatively low and it is easy to be ignored. Practice has proved that the problem is often here, and it is the negative impact on the work. It is only the manufacturer who has the ability to solve quality problems on site, so it is also the most troublesome to solve the problem. It is not difficult to solve this problem, that is, users pay attention to it, make full investigations in the early stage, exclude unreasonable and inferior quality informal enterprises and products, strictly enter the entry threshold, and strictly control the quality and after-sales service.

Give an objective brief introduction to the actual situation of the current multimedia podium:

1. The main classification and characteristics of multimedia podiums:

1. Lecture table type: This type generally has two specifications of 1.0 meters and 1.1 meters in length, the width is between 650mm-700mm, and the height is around 900 (below the bottom edge of the blackboard). , Video booth, central control, power amplifier and other commonly used equipment, the size of the appearance is small, does not occupy more space in the classroom platform, the appearance is beautiful and beautiful, because they are newly developed products, the structure is relatively reasonable, easy to use, and the failure rate is relatively The price is relatively low, and the prices are relatively moderate. At present, universities have begun to use a large number of them and they are well reflected. It is the development trend of multimedia podiums and is more suitable for the use of classes and classes.

2. Flip-up type: the opening form of the door adopts the flip-up type (note: do not use it before roll-up), this type generally has two specifications of 1.2 meters and 1.4 meters in length, the width is between 600mm-700mm, and the height is Around 900 (below the bottom edge of the blackboard), the narrower the width of the classroom podium, the smaller the design, and the more reasonable the design. The price of this product is relatively reasonable.

3. Left and right side (push) pull type: the opening form of the door is to pull to the left and right sides (push) (note: do not use slides and use linear split-pull bearings as navigators), this type generally has a length of 1.2 meters There are two specifications and 1.4 meters, the width is between 700mm-750mm, and the height is about 900 (below the bottom edge of the blackboard). The 1.2-meter upper door is generally pulled by a single layer (push), and the 1.4-meter upper door is generally used. Double-decked (push-pulled), of course, the narrower the width, the smaller the classroom podium space, and the more reasonable the design. The price of this product is relatively high. In the past, the university used it relatively much. It is the product with the largest sales in recent years. one.

Second, the structural design defects in the previous multimedia podium:

Due to the initial lack of experience in using multimedia podiums, some products have serious flaws in their design, leading to serious quality problems after 3 months to half a year of use. Some companies have made improvements after discovery, while others have imitated or not Enterprises that pay attention to quality and blindly pursue low prices still continue the original structure, and the low quality of products has caused many losses to users. The following two main structures should be avoided in the bidding:

1. Single-layer left and right side (push) pull type of 1.2m upper door

The upper door is made of steel and has a heavy weight. After being pushed open, there are two parts that support it. One is the upper part of the front end, which serves as the main support and guide, and the other is the middle front slide, which serves as an auxiliary support and Guidance, if the upper part of the front end uses the slideway as the main support and guidance, the following conditions will occur after a period of use:

1) After the push-opening, the two wings collapse (as shown in the figure), the slide rail is deformed, and it is difficult to push and pull;

2) After pushing away, there is no two-wing method to withstand the downforce. The slightly lower downforce slide rail will not get out of the slideway. One is dangerous, the other is damage to the slideway;

3) After pushing open, the two wings swing horizontally forward and backward, and the slide rail will be out of the slideway when the force is slightly larger, and due to the inaccurate control guidance when closing the door, the lock tongue and the lock hole of the lock are prone to impact, and the probability of damage to the lock is very high Big.

2. The opening method of the upper cover adopts the product with the design of push-up and forward push

When opening, the user has to flip up the two upper doors, and then fold out and push forward through the slide rails on both sides. This structure has the following defects:

1) The two upper cover doors are too heavy to be turned over, especially the female teacher can't turn it over. When opening, it is easy to rub the baffles on both sides and scratch the surface.

2) When pushing forward after opening, the two sides must be the same force, otherwise it cannot be pushed out. After pushing out, the upper cover stretches too long to reach 350mm. If the student sits next to the front of the product, the upper cover door will be pushed in front of the students. ; If the front end of the product is an aisle, the child will easily be knocked when running back and forth during class (this kind of thing has happened, and the student was knocked off the head during class), causing safety hazards.

3) After using this structure for one year, many slides will be damaged, and the damage rate is higher.

Third, the multimedia platform is prone to problems:

In addition to the unreasonable structural design causing hidden quality problems, some parts are prone to problems:

2) Chute: It is mainly reflected in the size, thickness, strength and technology of the slide. The price gap is also large. Good slides are durable and bad slides often have problems.

3) Lock: The design structure of the lock varies greatly, the quality gap is large, and the price is also the same. The selection of locks with different structures and quality directly affects the quality of this product.

4) Roughly manufactured during processing, the product is de-soldered due to virtual welding or false welding.

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