Nike COO: In the future, you will be able to print Nike shoes at home 3D.

Recently, Nike Chief Operating Officer Eric Sprunk revealed that the development of 3D printing technology may subvert the textile industry. Because people soon discovered that "they can make their favorite shoes in their own homes." Maybe some people think that the idea of ​​making shoes at home is a bit odd, however, this may be the future of Nike shoe manufacturing.

Sprunk has been working on Nike's footwear industry for the past 20 years. He recently spoke at the GeekWire Summit. He talked about Nike's products in the future and said that new innovations are the company's goal. Among these new technologies, Flyknit technology is the company's development goal. In his speech, he talked about the future of Nike products and the new innovations the company is pursuing. Among these innovations is Nike's Flyknit technology, which Sprunk says may be the starting point for a change in the overall shoemaking process. Flyknit technology makes shoes no longer assembled, and the upper is completely woven. Into.
Nike's Chief Operating Officer Eric Sprenk

Sprunk said that Nike needs to be innovative, and has been design-based innovation for the past 40 years or so. What kind of product users will like it, and what design users will wear comfortably. The benefits of 3D printing Nike sneakers include the elimination of successful assembly waste (Sprunk explains that the Flyknit-based shoes have only the remaining braided lines) and simplifies the production process (knit files can be sent directly to Knitting machines, without having to send a large portion of the "high-tech package" to Asian factories).

Of course, things like 3D printing Nike shoes haven't happened yet. However, when asked if consumers might be able to print their Nike shoes at home in the future, Sprunk believes this may soon become a reality. “Can I imagine such a future scenario? From an intellectual property point of view, (Nike) may still have ownership of the (design) document – ​​because it is a Nike product; you can’t let anyone else make a Nike The product - you either make it yourself at home or make it for you in our store." Sprunk said, "Oh, yes, this scene is not too far away."
This manufacturing revolutionary Nike may eventually customize its own Nike shoe products, purchase design files from the Nike website, and follow the instructions to create your own Nike shoes in your home 3D printer, of course, you can also do it at Nike stores. .


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