New impression of flexographic printing technology

ChinaPrnt2005 has brought many new things to the flexographic printing industry. We have found many delightful technologies from some of the samples we collected on the spot. Tension Control and 181 Dynamic Imprint Technology

The COMCO flexo printing machine demonstrated by the Mark Andy Company in the United States has printed a kit for two days in a row. The design of this kit is bland, and it does not add a lot of male and female processes like other printing samples, such as gold and silver ink printing. Cold stamping, etc., the color is not outstanding. The most important thing for everyone on the demonstration site is the overprint accuracy of the aircraft. The machine starts from zero speed. In 3-4 seconds to reach 150m/min, from the BST image display device, the spacing between each set of colored dots and its outer round frame is not as fast as that of other machines. There is a back and forth movement of the change, and finally it automatically stabilizes in the round box. In COMCO's demonstration, the distance between the inner and outer circles did not run back and forth with the sudden change of the speed, and its position remained basically unchanged. Each set of color error is displayed in real-time at 0.001 to 0.002 inches, and the maximum is no more than 0.003 inches (approximately D 076mm or so). Therefore, visitors appreciate the unique tension control and automatic overprint features.

However, many people overlooked an unattractive place where the gray background of the kit was overprinted with 150 lines/inch C, M, and 丫 three colors. As we all know, the flexographic printing is the most intractable in the neutral gray, which is mainly because the expansion of the high-light dot of the flexographic printing is not easy to control. For each print, as long as the three dots of C, M, and S are slightly changed, the printed gray has a distinct color difference. Therefore, the former plate-making company also specifically performed the gray balance test when testing some newly-input flexographic printing presses. However, since such outlets cannot be controlled, the color balance of the gray balance each time is too great. Do not give up this test. As a result, some of the flexographic printing test plates nowadays have rarely seen the gray balance test. When it comes to printing, it must be printed in gray, preferring to replace it with black ones instead of overprinting to neutral gray. However, COMCO's demonstration of this time broke this practice and measured the gray background with Li-spectra V and P334. The measured results were 22% for M, 0.8% for C, and 2% for 丫. The entire background appears as a reddish gray, and the color does not change in the two days of presentation. In the last two days, the self-adhesive label printing was also used as a gray background. It was also reproduced with C, M, and 丫 three-color 150 lines/inch 1:6 dots, which also achieved the same effect. The most prominent example of COMCO's control of small outlets is a postcard printed by a Japanese colleague. The 175 lines/inch 1:6 dot highlight is printed on a digital plate and a MaYk Andy/Comco flexo printer. The chocolate carton was awarded the Bronze Award for narrow quality paperboard in the quality evaluation of the 2005 FTA flexo printing in the United States. Its mesh area is small enough to be calculated by training P334. This technical note, choosing the right soft, l, raw printing press, supplemented by the corresponding printing plate and ink, and with skilled and reasonable operation, the increase of high light small outlets in flexographic printing is completely controllable .

The combination of design and craftsmanship is characteristic of flexographic printing

Nanhai Yanbu Xinhua Printing Factory used the eight-color flexographic printing press of the Ma Andy Boy Scout, and printed a folded paper box with a pattern of a rooster and a black background. Its black solid color was full and faded from the field within a distance of 4mm. zero. Strictly speaking, 150 lines/inch screens are gradually changed from 100% to zero. According to the characteristics of visual retention, there will be a more obvious hard port. However, the design of this proof is very characteristic. There is a large black solid on the ground, with 6pt of anti-small characters. It is necessary to ensure that the anti-white characters are clear and not confusing, but also to ensure the density of black solids, and that the gradient is within 4mm width. Zero, and can not see the hard mouth clearly. The visual of the entire pattern; the medium strike force was strong, and the black dot minimum dot was determined to be 8.8:6. We have compared this proof with DuPont's previous British flexo printing proofs, which shows that as long as the process is reasonable, domestic flexographic printing products can reach the level of European and American exquisite products.

Plastic film flexo printing can also print gold and silver ink

Gold and silver ink printing has always been a weak point in flexographic printing. In order to make the gold and silver ink bright and get a metallic luster, many manufacturers of flexographic printing presses have to install gravure printing units on the flexographic printing production line to ensure that gold and silver inks are printed using the characteristics of thick gravure ink layers. effect.

At this exhibition, we collected a sample using a seamless sleeve printing plate. When the sample was printed at the site, the dots were more severe, C. There are obvious blockage phenomena at the M and T color registration areas, but its silver plate adopts a special process. The silver ink of the entire layout is quite thick, and the characteristics of the gold ink are remarkable. Observed with a 100x magnifier, a layer of AM is also laid on the basis of a similar FM network. At the end of the exhibition, when we were doing the sample analysis, we simulated with the FM network superimposed amplitude modulation network software and obtained similar results.

Overcoming the problem of irregular white spots similar to pinholes caused by 100% solids due to the elasticity of the double-sided tape in the traditional network, ultimately resulting in the largest possible density in the field. At the same time, the use of FM network dot enlargement is more serious than that of amplitude modulation dot, so that it can achieve the effect of gravure printing of gold and silver ink.

The on-site screening technology proposed by some domestic plate-making companies is also a breakthrough in the traditional flexo separation and platemaking technology in this respect, which has allowed the flexographic printing technology to develop to a new level.

Our market philosophy

According to the needs of domestic and foreign markets, our company has launched the international famous brand PCMC's wide-format satellite-type soft, l-woji printing press to meet the re-emergence of the wide-format flexo printing market.

I had the privilege of experiencing the first and second stages of the rise of domestic wide-satellite flexographic printing presses. As a technician who has been at the forefront of production technology for many years, he deeply feels the importance of technical support and technical services in the sales of flexographic printing presses. For a device that invests millions of dollars, what we need is to meet production requirements as soon as possible, produce qualified products, seize the market, and recover investment as soon as possible.

As a flexo printer who has been working on the production line for the first time, precisely because of the embarrassment he had encountered before, when we are in this position now, we feel the importance of this work. In the long-term work of the United States, we have created a strong technical support team. We will provide customers with thoughtful services while selling advanced foreign equipment. Our market philosophy is: to provide the best equipment and services for the corpse, not only to help customers, but also to send a ride.

(Author/Cai Chengji United Printing Equipment Co., Ltd.)
"Printing Technology" Packaging and Decoration Printing 2005, 7

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