Matters needing attention in the post-print cutting process

Tool change

The cutter needs to be changed after being used for a period of time. In general, the tool change and the tool change bar are performed simultaneously. The tool change operation includes the following steps:

â‘ The blade is lowered to the lowest position, contact with the blade, and cut off the power supply.

â‘¡ Loosen the bolts of the blade exposed outside the blade holder, make the blade lightly contact the backing plate, and then unscrew the bolt, the blade holder (blade frame or blade tire) rises to the original position, remove the blade and place it on wooden (or plastic) Inside the knife box.

â‘¢Replace the blade. The blade is installed on the work surface under the paper cutter. When replacing, a new blade is cut according to the length of the blade groove, the burrs on the surface of the blade are polished off with a blade or sandpaper, and then inserted into the groove.

Special note: the blade can not move in the groove; the surface of the blade should be parallel to the work surface.

④The height of the blade and the blade holder should be appropriate. Generally, the depth of the blade pressed into the backing plate should be 0.3 ~ 1.5mm.

⑤When replacing a new blade, make sure that the blade edge angle matches the shear resistance of the cut paper, and then wipe the blade from the top with a soft cloth (the blade portion cannot be wiped). Gently pick up the blade, align the screw holes, and tighten the bolts.

Special note: The blade should be covered with thin cardboard, and the blade should not touch any hard objects.

â‘¥Test knife. After the blade and blade are replaced, the test knife can be cut empty to check whether the bolt is tightened and the blade is flat. Whether the indentation depth of the blade after contact with the blade meets the requirements, if it is not correct, you can fine-tune the treatment, and then pad a stack of newsprint or offset paper to test the sharpness of the blade.

Special note: Do not use too hard cutting materials to test the knife, so as not to damage the new sharpening blade.

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