Langfang Xianghe: Beijing's "Furniture City"

Gyeonggi youth reporters travel around Beijing ---

When it comes to Xianghe, the first thing Beijingers think of is furniture. Because of its cheap and good furniture, it is almost a place where Beijingers must go to buy furniture.

Xianghe County, located in the northern part of the North China Plain, is affiliated to Langfang City, Hebei Province, and borders Beijing and Tianjin on all sides. It is known as the “Gyeonggi Pearl”. It is one of the only three counties in the province that are bordering Beijing and Tianjin, and is also a county formed by the green economy circle of the capital.

Wang Tiecheng, who was called "the first person to eat crabs in Xianghe" by Xianghe people. At the beginning, if Wang Tiecheng did not "go out", he built a furniture exhibition hall in his hometown and attracted furniture manufacturers from all over the country to settle in Xianghe. Perhaps there is no "furniture capital" today.

â–  Set up a booth in Beijing

Sell ​​the first set of handmade sofas

On the morning of September 27, Wang Tiecheng went to Beijing to talk about business. When I talked about going to Beijing, he said that it was like a regular meal. "After 1978, I often went to Beijing, and at home, I went to Beijing to sell."

Wang Tiecheng said that in 1977, he had been working at home after graduating from junior high school. By chance, he was surprised to see a veteran in the neighboring village doing a sofa in the courtyard.

When he loves to go home, he begins to "sing a cat to paint a tiger" to make a sofa. After a month of "development", his first set of sofas - two small red flower cotton covered cushions, wooden handrails, single sofa made.

"At the time, Xianghe's sofa material market had begun to take shape. Many Xianghe people went to Beijing to sell. I heard that this stuff can be used to make money in Beijing. I am riding a modified bicycle with a sofa. Beijing." Wang Tiecheng recalled.

"At that time, I took less than 10 yuan, lived in a bath of 3 cents a night, and went to the Hongqiao market to sell sofas during the day." Wang Tiecheng said that the so-called market is actually a roadside stall. Because the fabric was afraid of dirt, in winter, the cotton clothes he wore also "contributed" to the sofa to cover the dust. He waited for 5 days, and finally a couple invested 40 yuan to buy his first set of sofas.

â–  Go out and do a job

Leading Xianghe into the “Furniture Capital”

"At the time, I only had 300,000 yuan on hand, and I raised some money from other places. Together with 2 million yuan, I thought about opening a furniture exhibition hall in Xianghe and integrating these furniture sales so that sales would be easier to open. Wang Tiecheng said that after his unremitting efforts, on October 18, 1998, the 12,000-square-meter "Spring City Furniture City" rose from the ground up. From then on, "Xianghe Crabs First Person" The title also followed.

Wang Tiecheng, 51, is the owner of three furniture exhibition halls in Xianghe, covering an area of ​​over 30,000 square meters.

Now, when it comes to Xianghe, many people think of furniture first. The “Furniture Capital” was launched in 1998. At present, it has 30 single-piece furniture exhibition halls including Golden Key and Xinyilong. The business area is 2.2 million square meters, the largest in the North and the second in the country.

At present, Xianghe Furniture City has more than 6,000 exhibitors, bringing together more than 1,000 famous brands at home and abroad. The products cover the whole of northern China and are exported to more than ten countries and regions such as Russia, Canada, Spain, Japan and South Korea. Breaking through 24 billion yuan.

â–  relying on furniture to "make" tourism

Xianghe has a new way to get rich

Xianghe has built a good brand for its own furniture, and in addition to production, manufacturing, and introduction, the county also uses furniture to create tourism, trying to make the county a tourist shopping area.

It is understood that at the end of 2011, Xianghe County Golden Key Scenic Area and Zepu Ecological Tourism Park were approved as national 4A level and national 3A level tourist scenic spots respectively. The Golden Key Scenic Area is the first batch of national 4A shopping tourism in Hebei Province and also in northern China. Scenic area.

In addition, the county's "first city" is also very famous. Founded in 1992, the “First City” has a total investment of 6.1 billion yuan, covering an area of ​​3,320 mu and a building area of ​​540,000 square meters. It is a tourist attraction, leisure and holiday, entertainment and fitness, food shopping, film and television shooting, conference and exhibition, etc. The large-scale international convention and exhibition center with multiple functions has been recognized as a 4A-level scenic spot by the state. The “First City” has hosted large-scale international conferences such as the International Finance Forum Annual Meeting, the G20 Finance Ministers and the Central Bank Governors Meeting, and was identified as the permanent meeting place of the International Finance Forum Annual Meeting.

Relying on the furniture industry, Xianghe has opened more roads to get rich.

â– Text / reporter Li Zhongyu

"Hebei Youth Daily" reporter Shuo Shuo

County Party Secretary Interview

Wang Kaijun, secretary of the CPC Xianghe County Party Committee: Xianghe County is adjacent to Beijing and Tianjin, and has a significant regional advantage. It is an important part of the green economy circle of the capital of Hebei Province. In order to transform the location advantage into a development victory, Xianghe County has determined the development ideas of “adhering to scientific development, promoting the prosperity of the county and building a happy home” and fully creating “China's furniture capital, modern industrial highland, leisure business new city, ecological environment. The development goal of “Homeland” strives to accelerate the transformation of economic development mode, effectively strengthen structural adjustment, make a fuss about industrial characteristics, work hard in urban quality, increase investment in improving people's livelihood, and vigorously undertake the transfer of capital industry and comprehensively improve Docking the facilities and external attractions of the capital, we spare no effort to promote the construction of “Wealth Xianghe”, “Ecological Xianghe”, “Safe Xianghe” and “Happiness Xianghe” to create a “small highland” for the scientific development of the capital's green economic circle, and strive to achieve each The cause of the project is developing very fast and fast.

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