Jiehui Biology: Common pipetting methods

One or two pipetting principles

1. Positive air pressure pipetting

● Air is between the piston and the liquid

● The most commonly used principles

● Recommended:

-Water solution

● Can not eliminate pollutants, need

● Filter tip-safety cone filter

● Need good pipetting technique and experience

● More sensitive to environmental changes (temperature, air pressure)

● Low cost

2. Positive moving pipette

● Contact between liquid and piston

● Completely free from pollution

● Recommended:

-Highly viscous liquid

-Volatile liquids (such as ethanol)

-Foam liquid

● High accuracy

● expensive

Second, how to determine which technology you want to use?

Positive air pressure pipetting technology

1. Positive pipetting (P)

● The most commonly used technology

● Large capacity

● Aqueous solution

● Contains a small amount of detergent or protein liquid

● Solvent (requires pre-flushing)

Positive pipetting steps:

● Press the operation button to the first stop position

● Immerse the tip just below the liquid level (2-3 mm).

● Release the button smoothly and wait for a while.

● Place the button in the second stop position to drain the liquid.

2. Reverse pipetting (rP)

● Absorb actual volume + certain excess liquid

● Biological liquid

● Foam liquid (rich in protein or detergent)

● High viscosity liquid

● Small volume liquid

● High accuracy and precision required

Reverse pipetting steps:

● Put the button in the second stop position

● Immerse the tip just below the liquid level (2-3 mm).

● Release the button smoothly

● Put the button in the first stop position to drain the liquid

● Put the button to the second stop position to discard excess liquid

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