How to assess the results of sulfur dioxide test

The criteria evaluated were the first appearance after the test; the appearance after removal of the corrosion product; the number and distribution of corrosion defects; the time elapsed before the first corrosion point occurred. The sulfur dioxide (hydrogen sulfide) test chamber products designed and manufactured by our company are mainly used for the corrosion protection of parts, electronic components, protective layers of metal materials and industrial products, and fully comply with various standards.
The overall molding is formed by high temperature welding. Corrosion resistant, easy to clean, no leakage. The material seal is designed between the door and the box, and there is no gas overflow. The door is made of transparent material to clearly see the test condition of the test items in the box. It is equipped with a double gas filter to ensure that the air discharged outside does not pollute the environment. The line control board and other components are fixed at the position for easy inspection and maintenance. The door lock is used to open the door, which is not only beautiful but also convenient for maintenance. High-precision PID temperature controller, all circuits are equipped with circuit breakers, all heaters with electronic and mechanical overheat protection, multiple system protection, safe and reliable use. Control system: intelligent XMT-7512D series control instrument, membrane type KEY-BOARD button; temperature and humidity control adopt PID + S.SR, system co-channel coordinated control, can improve the stability and life of control components and interface use; Controlled setting, digital and direct display; with PID automatic calculus function, can reduce the inconvenience caused by artificial setting;

Scratch off hologram labels are applied over pre-printed information. To reveal the underlying information, use the edge of a coin to scratch off the holographic image. After scratch off the label, it will show the information, such as series number, website or some secret number to enter a website to check the authentic.

Scratch-off holograms can be used instead of traditional grey latex scratch-off panels on telephone top-up cards, discount coupons, etc. Whereas the current grey scratch-off panel and the equipment needed to apply it are rapidly becoming commodities, production of the Alpha holographic scratch-off labels requires a great deal of investment in advanced technologies and a level of know-how which is not easily gained

Scratch Off Hologram Label Sticker

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