Gas-assisted injection molding technology is suitable for toys and other fields

Gas-assisted injection molding is a novel plastic molding technology that introduces high-pressure gas into the thick-walled part of the part, creates a hollow section inside the injection molded part, completes the filling process, achieves gas holding pressure, and eliminates product shrinkage. Traditional injection molding The process cannot combine the thick wall and the thin wall together, and the residual stress of the workpiece is large, it is easy to warp and deform, and there are shrinkage marks on the surface. The newly developed gas-assisted technology is successfully produced by hollowing out the thick-walled interior. Thick-walled, partial-wall products, and the surface appearance of the product is excellent, the internal stress is low, the light quality is high and strong. The gas-assisted product structure and mold design including the pouring system, the air intake mode and the airway distribution design technology, and the gas-assisted injection molding process have been developed. Design technology, gas-assisted injection molding process design technology, computer simulation technology of gas-assisted injection molding process, gas-assisted injection molding product defect diagnosis and elimination technology, gas-assisted process special material technology.
TV, home appliances, automobiles, furniture, daily necessities, office supplies, toys and other fields of plastic parts open up a new application field for plastic molding, especially for pipe-like products, thick walls, partial walls (different thickness sections) Composition of parts) and large flat structural parts.

Gas auxiliary devices: including nitrogen generating and boosting systems, pressure control units and intake components. The investment is about 40-200 million yuan (depending on the scale and the grade required for the equipment). The gas-assisted process can be completely combined with conventional injection molding. Process (injection molding machine) connection.

Reduce the weight of the product (saving material) can be 40% higher, shorten the molding cycle (saving time by 30%, eliminating sink marks, improving the yield; reducing the injection pressure by 60%, using small tonnage injection molding machine to produce large parts, reducing operating costs Longer die life, lower manufacturing cost, and more stable structure such as thick root, thick ribs, connecting plates, etc., increase the freedom of mold design. Usually 6-18 months can recover the increased equipment cost (specific economic benefits) With the article)

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