Foot care can also be beautiful

As soon as the summer arrives, all kinds of refreshing sandals, high-heeled shoes and flip-flops have been put on the table. These flat or full of calories have fully demonstrated the gorgeous foot lines of girls through the looming beauty. However, the pressure on the skin of the foot or the possibility of external stimuli is inevitable. You have the right to showcase the proud capital of any part of your body, but don't forget to protect the skin that looks like a skin, because it is a natural trait of the skin. Therefore, we must do a good job in foot care , so that you can also be beautiful.

Foot care is done, bare feet can be beautiful.

Tips 1. Apply sunscreen to your feet.

It is also necessary to apply sunscreen on the skin of the feet. Does this sound like this? Of course not, and it is necessary to apply sunscreen on the skin of the foot. Living in the city, we must fully consider the possibility of all UV damage to the skin, especially in the summer, in addition to strong direct sunlight, UV will also walk through the cement glass building group, so the skin of the feet as a sunscreen corner is more It is easily affected by the sun, exacerbates pigmentation and aging, and makes the skin of the foot become dull and wrinkled.

Tips 2, use a moisturizing cream

The skin of the foot itself is very easy to dry, but it is difficult to be found in the shoes. The skin of the foot, especially the foot and ankle, lacks the necessary sweat glands and sebaceous glands, and the natural moisturizing power is lacking. Therefore, it is best to choose a foot cream containing mineral oil and petrolatum-like high-fat grease during the treatment so that the foot can be made. The skin is fully moisturized.

Tips 3, custom foot soup

Most girls have poor peripheral circulation function, which is also very likely to cause poor blood circulation in the foot skin, dry, and dull skin, so it is absolutely necessary to have a foot massage every day. Mu foot is not only to clean the skin of the feet, but more importantly to accelerate the bottom layer of the skin and increase the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. Therefore, it is better to add some warm herbs such as pepper, saffron or wormwood to the custom soup used for foot massage, which can play a very good role in nourishing the skin and relieving fatigue in the feet.

Tips 4, massage ankle to promote circulation

There are many important acupuncture points in the intersection of the calf and the ankle, such as Sanyinjiao and Zusanli. After a daily foot massage, apply a sufficient amount of skin cream or massage oil to the ankle area. Use the pressure of the knuckles or the scraping board to focus on the foot massage . This will speed up the lymphatic circulation, stimulate the meridians, and rejuvenate the skin of the feet. At the same time, it can also improve the problem of edema.

Tips 5, regular care horny

Because it is often in a state of friction, and it is easy to dry, the aging keratinocytes of the foot skin accumulate faster, so regular care of the horny becomes more important. When exfoliating the foot , unless it is an extremely thick old man, it is generally not recommended to use volcanic rock to avoid damage to the stratum corneum. The best way to do this is to use a body scrub or a regular sugar cube to massage, then rinse off with water.

Tips 6, reduce the damage of shoes to the skin of the feet

Hard shoes not only affect the health of the feet, but also cause pigmentation in the skin of the feet, rough or even dry and cracked. So if the new shoes are harder, put them in a relatively humid environment for a few days, or spray some water in the shoes with a watering can. In addition, applying a large amount of medical Vaseline to the skin of the feet before going out every day can also effectively reduce friction and make the skin of the feet softer. >>>Sunscreen smear sunscreen beauty skin care knowledge misunderstanding big analysis

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