Famous craftsman Dong Xiaobo: The famous masterpiece is unique

Chairman of the furniture factory, Dong Xiaobo

[Reporter] Hello Dong, I would like to ask your company as the largest furniture manufacturing industry in Chongqing. How do you base yourself on the local and build the master craftsmanship into the largest European and American classical furniture scale production enterprise in Chongqing?

[Dong Xiaobo] In fact, in Chongqing's high-end residential furniture market, 95% of the products are from coastal cities. In Chongqing, people's living standards are constantly improving, and the quality of life is gradually aligning with first-tier cities. Nowadays, more and more high-end housing construction, home interior furniture and civilian lifestyle products are mostly from outside. But because of this, their prices are raised locally. However, the master craftsman introduced the raw materials, the talents of the production line and the first-class production scale process to Chongqing. At present, Chongqing's manufacturing industry is a blank, and the master craftsmen are also preparing to accumulate the brand in the next 3-5 years, and continue to expand the market to achieve the high-end market in Chongqing.

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So when it comes to expanding the market, it is not that easy. The so-called speed is not up, the master craftsman does not aim at short-term profit, we must first build our own brand, improve the quality of the product itself, and enhance the value of the brand through continuous research and development of new products. Masters must gain more from the improvement of quality itself, and never occupy the market by increasing production value.

90% of the materials of the famous craftsmen are purely imported, and the raw materials of the famous craftsmen are constantly improving. They are constantly updated and replaced. So far, they have occupied the market of European and American solid wood furniture. This is also an important reason why we can stand on the ground. To sum up, three points, the first is the continuous improvement of raw materials; second, the continuous improvement of production technology; third, we open a direct store in the southwest to create a brand to provide better services for consumers. Thereby reducing the intermediate links, doing pre-sales, sales, after-sales service, to benefit the public at the highest price-to-price ratio. These factors have made us the only largest large-scale European and American furniture manufacturer in Chongqing.

[Reporter] Master craftsmanship as a model of high-end products in the industry, how to bring consumers the "high-end" enjoyment in real life? Do you have confidence in this?

[Dong Xiaobo] The so-called high-end, people often take the price to determine whether the product is high-end, but I think that the price is not a high-end product. The so-called high-end my understanding is suitable for consumers, so that they can use their own more and more, including the beginning of the design to production are completely matched with his family's style is the best.

We pay special attention to pre-sales design services, because doing this allows consumers to feel the price-to-price ratio of their products in their lives, including its artistic atmosphere, through which they can feel the quality and cultural preaching. What we hope most is that consumers can feel the comfort and calmness, fineness and gracefulness that they bring to life after choosing a master craftsman.

[Reporter] In the face of the fiercely competitive home industry, how does your company promise to consumers and ensure quality?

[Dong Xiaobo] We can satisfy consumers' visits to the factory from point to point, so that consumers can purchase the products of famous artists with confidence. We accept the customers who need them, and let them go to the famous furniture factory for on-the-spot investigation. All of our raw materials have material descriptions, and we found that they did not meet the requirements. The warranty book that we give to consumers is very detailed, and it is also a genuine thing for consumers.

[Reporter] How do you view the current home industry? Do you think that the current low market is the coexistence of opportunities and crises? If you think this is a good opportunity for a master craftsman to enter the market, how do masters adjust and respond to this industry situation?

[Dong Xiaobo] The master craftsman is currently focusing on Chengdu and Chongqing, and is preparing to launch a direct store to build the quality of the master craftsman. In the form of joining in the cities around the main city, we will systematically support the dealers, and will send famous artists to the dealers, assist in site selection, design, decoration, shopping guide training. Then we will unify all after-sales services by the Masters Division. The dealer only needs to submit the order, and all the warehousing, delivery, installation and after-sales are undertaken by the master's headquarters. In this way, the dealers' survival rate in the market is greatly increased, and it is really possible to open a store and survive a store in such a way as to achieve the famous brand.

[Reporter] You mentioned that ensuring good operation and operation is the key to perfecting the organizational structure and the core of the internal repair. What is your so-called benign management and operation?

[Dong Xiaobo] We have 8 years of work and management experience to ensure a good organizational structure is critical. To achieve sustainable profitability, we must work hard from talents. The famous craftsmen were mainly the earliest investors, and they took out 40% of the shares to absorb the high-end talents of the furniture industry across the country. At the same time, they were also concerned by Guangdong and other large urban enterprises. The famous furniture and private business departments are independent. The masters will also take more samples for consumers to choose, provide exclusive customer product service design and production, and finally make it the perfect ideal custom furniture for consumers.

[Reporter] The designer's furniture has been providing high-end furniture for five-star hotels. At present, it has entered the civilian market. What is the main line of development of the masters in the future, or is the mutual development of the two complement each other?

[Dong Xiaobo] Masters must continue to develop in a state of complementarity. In fact, they are independent production lines. When receiving a large number of large orders, the hotel, civil, and custom can work together to complete an indicator task. At this time, you will find that the master craftsman has a uniform process quality standard and can timely meet the changes in the total market consumption.

[Reporter] How will you and your team bring this wonderful "home" dream and famous brand to thousands of families?

[Dong Xiaobo] I have a special preference for the industry and for the products developed by my company. The first is from the environmental point of view, the purchase of raw materials for masters is absolutely to let consumers put a hundred hearts, because it is imported solid wood from the origin. Second is the guarantee of quality. Finally, it is reflected in the perfect service of the master craftsman.

Therefore, every product has its own emotions in the name of our famous craftsmen. With the infiltration of each employee's feelings, the master's products are more delicate and perfect. In this way, consumers can feel the delicateness of the product process during long-term use. In life, you will find that each product is close to your own life. So I want to say that what I have done with my heart is really different.

[Reporter] Ok, thank you, Mr. Dong for accepting our interview. I hope that the masters can create the perfect high-end furniture products and round the dream of all happy families.

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