Evaluation: carving time Jin Yi Tao pastoral wood wood brick

评测:都市田园交响曲 金意陶田园木歌木纹砖

Jinyitao pastoral wooden song tiles are made of clay. The first one adopts the most advanced inkjet printing technology in the process of wood grain brick manufacturing. The seven kinds of mellow natural colors are infinitely close to the original color of the wood; the brick surface texture The delicateness and engraving of the real wood grain annual ring, the effect is like wood is better than wood, not only the texture, texture like a real log, but also gives a kind of feeling.


I first saw Jin Yitao's idyllic wooden wood brick, which is amazed by its realistic log effect. It is said that its design is inspired by the outstanding golden nanmu. The name of the golden nanmu is very large. It has been a royal special wood since ancient times. It is dedicated to the royal palace, the construction of a few temples and furniture. If the people use it without authorization, they will be convicted of the ritual system. The growth law of the tree species itself is a late bloom, and the golden stage of vigorous growth takes 60 years, so it is extremely precious. The wood grain collected in this series has restored the original feeling of the wood.


Touch this tile with your hand, both the unevenness of the logs and the warmth of the tiles.

The tile is flat and has no burrs on the surface. It feels good and can stand upright without falling.

When using tile decoration, usually the floor tiles can be placed on the wall, and the wall tiles can not be used below. Jinyi Tao pastoral wood grain brick is a floor tile that can be used as both a floor tile and a wall tile, so its anti-fouling ability is very worthy of attention.


Xiaobian uses oily pen to draw traces on Jinyitao pastoral wooden wood grain bricks. After the ink is dry, wipe it with water with a paper towel. Although the surface of the tile is uneven, it can be wiped clean with a little force. Because the surface of this tile has a concave-convex shape, it is easy to clean.

Modern homes are filled with many people who prefer natural wood flooring. Because wooden flooring is not environmentally friendly, not waterproof, difficult to care for, easy to get wet in the south, difficult to clean, etc., many people are discouraged or only used in the bedroom, and both The appearance of wood-grained bricks with wood texture and easy-to-clean ceramic tiles meets the needs of this group of people.

Checking the density of the tiles can be observed from both ear and water absorption.

Use your fingers to tap continuously on the surface of this tile, and the sound is crisp and even.

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