European style wardrobe design realizes the dream of luxury life after 80 and 90

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] European wardrobe always exudes a touch of charming charm, and Jane European style is often more sought after, the overall appearance is simple and generous, no extra decoration, giving a relaxed and stylish luxury, so The feeling is deeply loved by young people after 80 and 90.

Recommended one: European yellow oak wardrobe

European style wardrobe

Color : Yellow Oak

Door panel series : flat series

Sliding door structure : full-page type

Applicable environment : bedroom

Style : modern minimalist style

Sliding door type : cover door

Recommended two: European sandalwood white wardrobe

Modern minimalist wardrobe

Color : Sandalwood

Door panel series : flat series

Sliding door structure : multiple grids

Applicable environment : bedroom

Style : Jane European style

Sliding door type : sliding door

Containing European luxury style, it is also known for its simplicity, and it is not cumbersome. The simple European-style overall wardrobe , elegant and elegant appearance, simple and stylish design, let you feel the charm of the European wardrobe. The modern minimalist design combines European classical decorative elements with delicately laid out functional layouts to create smooth structural details.


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