Doing filial piety from the beginning of care, the design of the elderly bedroom needs to be considered

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] There are many ways to fulfill filial piety. Compared with the material aspect, the elderly are more concerned with the care of their children. The elderly are quiet, like memories, and inflexible, and have more demanding requirements for rest spaces. In the renovation of the elderly bedroom, children should be considered more thoughtful, so that the elderly can enjoy their old age.

Bedroom design

Doing filial piety from the beginning of care, the design of the elderly bedroom needs to be considered

A major feature of the elderly is that they are quiet. The most basic requirement for the living room is that the doors, windows and walls have good sound insulation and are not affected by the outside world. According to the physical characteristics of the elderly, the general physical condition declines, and some also suffer from senile diseases. Even some music with a small volume is "noise" for them, so it is necessary to prevent noise interference, otherwise it will cause adverse consequences. The orientation of the living room is better in the south, the lighting does not have to be too much, and the environment is better.

Older people are generally inconvenient in their legs and feet. They should be fully considered when choosing furniture that cannot be separated from daily life. In order to avoid bumps, the furniture that squares should be seen should be as small as possible. Too high cabinets, cabinets, and large drawers below the knee should not be used. In all furniture, beds are vital for the elderly. Southerners like to use "brown stretch", which is covered with scorpions; northerners like to use planks and cotton pads or rafters. Some elderly people do not like the advanced sofa bed, because it will "deep into it" and it is inconvenient to turn over. The wire bed is too narrow for the elderly. The bed height of the elderly should be appropriate. It should be convenient for getting up and down, sleeping, and taking self-contained products when staying in bed, so as not to sprain and fall a little.

Elderly room design

Doing filial piety from the beginning of care, the design of the elderly bedroom needs to be considered

Another major feature of the elderly is that they like to recall past events. Therefore, in the choice of color of the room, emphasis should be placed on the simple, calm, and calm interior decoration color, which is related to the experience and experience of the elderly. With the emergence of a variety of new decorative materials, interior decoration has changed the monotonous situation in the past, the walls are replaced by pastel paint or wallpaper, wall coverings, wall mats of various colors, and the floor is covered with wooden floors or carpets. If the wall is elegant in color such as milky white, milky yellow, and lotus color, it can be matched with furniture that is full of life and does not feel dull and different colors, such as dark brown, camel, brown, pearl, beige and other artificial colors. Furniture. The light-colored furniture looks light and bright, and the dark furniture looks smooth and solemn. It can be chosen by the elderly according to their own preferences. The wall and the furniture are both deep and shallow, and as long as the contrast is not too strong, you can have a good visual effect.

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