Deville Tang Yan: Always adhering to Jane

New product debut: Dunhuang series will take a more high-end environmental protection route

   Reporter: Hello, Mr. Tang! Thank you for accepting our interview. What new products will Deville launch this year?

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Tang Yan: Our solid wood product system is all unveiled. The Dunhuang series are all solid wood. This is suitable for high-end customers. Secondly, it is more environmentally friendly. The plate products are the middle route, and the solid wood is the high-end route. Every city has a wealthy crowd, so there is no problem that no one buys. Some people buy it, but the amount is small, it doesn't matter, but there must be such a solid wood system that can satisfy the needs of consumers. This is also for Speed ​​up the pace of enterprises occupying the high-end market, this is the first;

The second also represents the company slowly moving towards the middle and high end, towards a real taste. Since we are a cultural wardrobe, it is reflected in two aspects: one is reflected in the product aspect, the second is reflected in management and service, so our products are in operation, and the solid wood products are to promote the brand positioning of the cultural wardrobe. Made by concept.

Reporter: Now that consumer demand is increasing, how do you view this pressure from the consumer market?

Tang Yan: At present, the consumer market is becoming more and more fierce and fierce. It may become hot, but the two years are a good time and the company is shuffling. If the company does not go up, so these two In order to make Deville stand out in the year, our LOGO has re-created a very beautiful image. This is to find a company that designs the logo image for the Asian Games. It is to achieve brand upgrade, so Deville from product positioning, The marketing system and the layout of the terminal market are fully prepared.

Deville Wardrobe Marketing Director Tang Yan

Reporter: Among the new products launched in recent years, what are the better market feedback products? Please introduce its characteristics and positioning.

Tang Yan: The market feedback is better with MDF, MDF is cheap and good, and there is no smell at all. It is completely in line with the concept of environmental protection, economical, affordable and beautiful, in line with the needs of consumers. Deville's volume is based on MDF. If you want to upgrade the grade, you must rely on solid wood products, and you must be able to go up and down. This is suitable for the long-term development of the company. We are developing with these two main lines as the center.

Reporter: Now when I talk about home, many people will say that they want green to be environmentally friendly. Does Deville have any efforts in this regard?

Tang Yan: We have always been based on the principle of consumers. We take into account the things that consumers can accept. We have obtained the ten-ring certification for environmental protection. In the whole industry, only Sofia and Haolaike are only available. Certification, so only putting a certificate on the booth is enough to explain the problem. Everything that takes consumers as the core to do healthy and environmentally friendly products can make the company stronger and longer.

Reporter: The development of home furnishing enterprises is very close to the development of real estate. Real estate has been regulating and the situation is very serious. What do you think about the pressure brought by this big market?

Tang Yan: The market is under pressure, but the regulation of real estate is only to combat speculation. It suppresses disorderly speculation, and rigid demand still exists in China, so this market is still very large, especially in the custom industry. The overall penetration rate is less than 30% in China, and there is still 70% upside.

The second is that word of mouth has been formed in the minds of Chinese people, so Deville, a Guangzhou enterprise, has an inherent advantage. This is mainly because the first Guangdong opened up and accumulated a group of excellent management talents; the second sales concept and management model are relatively advanced; the third Guangdong people are very pragmatic, so the products made are relatively fine and have high quality. Based on these three factors, Guangdong enterprises will be bigger, faster, and stronger, so I am not worried about the impact of real estate regulation on us.

Reporter: The industry includes custom wardrobes imported from abroad. Many business models are also imported from abroad. How do you view the innovation of this industry and how to break through the introduction of business models from abroad?

Tang Yan: We are a design that originated in Italy. Because the design is still ahead of China in foreign countries, we introduce foreign elements to customize products for the Chinese people.

In this respect, Deville has always adhered to the main style of Jane, so the solid wood products are all European style, but combined with Chinese characteristics, such as the line is simple European, the color is the classic mahogany color that Chinese people like. Therefore, the integration of Chinese elements into foreign designs is also intended to create more practical and pleasing furniture for consumers.

Cultural Wardrobe: from the principle of champion

Reporter: Just now we also mentioned that Deville is now mainly playing cultural cards. What plans does Deville have in brand culture construction?

Tang Yan: Because everyone is rushing to make custom wardrobes, Deville can only jump out and call the cultural wardrobe. Consumers just remember the champion. I don’t know who is the second and third. This is the champion principle. Slowly, for a long time, everyone knows the cultural wardrobe Deville, so we fully combine hardware, software and design, and strive to make the exhibition hall reflect a cultural atmosphere. In the future, we will also have a cultural wall, which will show the whole home culture. Development and the development of Deville's enterprises, etc., truly reflect a cultural atmosphere;

Secondly, the end of our sales is the beginning of the service, and will send out a lot of value-added products. This is Deville's first cultural marketing model. Any customer who uses Deville products will hold a high-end lecture hall in the store for free. Inviting customers to experience this high-end course, which can't be copied by any other brand, because the resources in Deville are free.

Why Deville will become a dark horse is based on our management philosophy, service concept, marketing concept. After integrating so many ideas, Dewell has developed very fast. Deville's cultural marketing is just the beginning. We have three models to promote Deville's cultural marketing system. Which three major systems? The first one is traditional culture. The traditional culture has Confucian culture, Buddhist culture and Taoist culture. These three cultures are launched so that everyone can feel that society can be happier and life can be better;

The second is sports culture. We will hold various championship competitions in each specialty store, such as the Deville Cup badminton competition, the Deville Cup basketball competition, etc., and continue to promote sports culture in specialty stores across the country. This raises brand awareness and lets consumers know that Dewell is really doing a cultural marketing.

The third is the charity culture. Every time a consumer buys a wardrobe, we donate 50 yuan to the mountain school. Because the company itself has two missions, the first is social responsibility and the second is economic responsibility. Deville hopes to launch all The dealers and customers are involved.

Confucius said well: don't be good or small, don't be evil. Don't be afraid of small businesses, but do our little to help those in need. The Chinese nation is an excellent family with a heritage of five thousand years of culture. Therefore, Deville has done its utmost to launch dealers and mobilize customers to help disadvantaged groups. This is the purpose of cultural inheritance, and the society needs to inherit truth, goodness and beauty.

Reporter: I am very grateful to Mr. Tang for accepting our interview.

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