Design of the cloakroom for exclusive rental housing (2)

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Now the cloakroom has become a popular trend of home decoration, no matter which type of apartment can design a separate cloakroom, in the small space of rental housing, if you do not want to invest too much cost, then You can consider the design of the cloakroom below!

First, the rental house exclusive one:


The cloakroom designed at the empty wall makes good use of the unused space. The specially designed curtain not only makes the space more tidy, but also plays an anti-ash effect, while the carpet on the floor mountain gives the choice of clothes to stay, leaving a foot Warm and comfortable.

Second, the rental house exclusive two:

Cloakroom design

Using the unused corners of the wall to create a cloakroom, which creates a more versatile storage effect, mainly reflected in the more subtle functional divisions, and the convenient handling and placement of the clothes.

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