Controllable morphology of high purity ultrafine cobalt-based powder passed acceptance

Editor's note: Recently, the R & D and industrialization of the special fund project for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Jiangsu Province, the form-controllable high-purity ultrafine cobalt-based powder, passed the acceptance. The project results have broken the long-term monopoly of foreign countries in the high-end market of cobalt-based powder.

Recently, the special fund for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements undertaken by Nanjing Hanrui Cobalt Co., Ltd. successfully passed the acceptance of the project "Research and development and industrialization of form-controllable high-purity ultrafine cobalt-based powder".

The project independently developed acid leaching iron, extraction and impurity removal technology, which greatly improved the purity of cobalt powder; through high-pressure expansion fluid crushing technology, effectively control the ultra-fine powder particle size; through nitrogen sealing and low oxygen control technology, significantly reduce The oxygen content of the ultra-fine cobalt powder is controlled; by adding different active spheroidizing agents and flocculants, the powder morphology is effectively controlled.

Related technologies have applied for a total of 9 patents, including 7 invention patents; 6 authorized patents, including 5 invention patents. According to reports, Nanjing Hanrui Cobalt Co., Ltd. has undertaken a number of technologically advanced products such as ultra-fine cobalt powder and diamond-specific cobalt powder after undertaking this project. The relevant technology has obtained 6 authorized patents and has an annual production capacity of 1,500 tons of cobalt base. Powder production line and electrolytic copper production line with an annual output of 300 tons, the cumulative new sales revenue exceeded 600 million yuan.

Through the implementation of the project, the company has many world-leading products such as ultra-fine cobalt powder and diamond-specific cobalt powder, filling the gap of domestic spherical ultra-fine cobalt powder, lowering the price of cobalt powder in the international market by half, breaking the high-end of cobalt-based powder The market has been monopolized by foreign companies for a long time, replacing imports and exporting large quantities abroad.

Hanrui Cobalt Co., Ltd. has become Asia's largest and only domestic company with a complete resource chain from cobalt mines to cobalt salts to high-end cobalt powder. , Japan's Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Toshiba, Sumitomo, South Korea's Samsung, LG and other internationally renowned companies are Han Rui's customers.

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