Construction machinery growth worry-free ultraviolet aging test chamber

On the afternoon of October 15th, a heavy rainfall hit Ding'an County, Hainan Province, and the local reservoir was close to the dam. In a critical situation, the rescue team of the ultraviolet aging test box used excavators to widen and deepen the spillway, and the water level eventually fell.

Worry-free construction machinery growth UV aging test chamber

According to reports, the 9 local reservoirs belong to the small 2 type and small 1 type reservoirs, and the flood discharge ports are relatively simple. From the morning of the 16th, more excavators have one by one to the 5 reservoirs in the town with potential safety hazards. To widen and deepen, Ding'an County and spend the flood season.

In the 1950s and 1970s, China completed the "Great Leap Forward" of the UV aging test chamber and became the country with the largest number of reservoirs in the world. According to industry sources, most of the 87,000 existing reservoirs in the country were built during that period. Limited to the technical level and economic conditions at that time, the quality and construction level of many reservoirs are not too high, and currently they are basically overdue service.

"The risk is very high!" Said Xu Yuanming, director of the Reservoir Division of the Construction and Management Department of the Ministry of Water Resources. Once the (dam) collapses, it will be necessary to flush the house, fields, industrial facilities, and even the entire city. Pay attention to the safety of the reservoir without delay.

"Because of the lack of necessary maintenance funds, the number of dangerous reservoirs has reached more than 40,000." The source quoted a previous statistical data that the number of "one pot of water" cities above was 179, accounting for 25.4% of the cities in the country. .

It is for this reason that China, which has the largest number of reservoirs, has launched the largest repair project for sick and dangerous reservoirs this year.

"Once the water conservancy construction enters the substantive period, it will directly promote the development of construction machinery products such as excavators, loaders, bulldozers and cranes." The industry also pointed out that from the characteristics of China's water conservancy construction, the market is particularly suitable for small and medium tonnages. The demand for small tonnage products will be more obvious.

More critically, the 10-year “prospecting strategy” announced by the State Council is expected to set off a new round of prospecting. The structural adjustment and industrial integration of China ’s mining companies also bring unlimited “money” prospects to the construction machinery industry.

From "No. 1 Document" to the Central Water Conservancy Work Conference, and then to the issuance of the "Ministry of Finance's Opinions on the Comprehensive Implementation of the Spirit of the Central Water Conservancy Work Conference", the market has again and again felt the high-level attention and determination of strengthening water conservancy construction.

There are already some UV aging test chamber companies that are busy with the growing demand for mining machinery and equipment.

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