Co-injection - blowing bottle technology

The PET bottle market has grown rapidly and the increase has been extremely impressive. In China, there are not only super PET bottle manufacturers such as Zhuhai Zhongfu and Shanghai Zijiang, but also beverage companies like Wahaha, Master Kong, and Huiyuan have invested heavily in the introduction of equipment to produce PET bottles. China's annual funding for the introduction of foreign advanced PET bottle production equipment is estimated to be no less than 200 million U.S. dollars. In the face of the huge market of PET bottles, blow molding equipment suppliers have adjusted their market strategies and launched new products to capture more market share.

Co-injection - blowing bottle technology

In recent years, with the development of various functional beverage and wine packaging markets, various multi-layer co-injection-blow molding technologies have become hot spots in the market.

Co-injection equipment manufacturer Kortec Co., Ltd. and injection-blow molding equipment company Uniloy Milacron have jointly launched a new co-injection-blow molding system-UMIB injection blow molding machine to supply the pharmaceutical packaging market. John Kermet, Kortec’s vice president of marketing, said that the pharmaceutical packaging market is transitioning from glass to plastic, creating a multi-layered packaging business opportunity for the company.

Kortec chose Uniloy Milacron as a project partner because the latter's technology is unique. He explained that Uniloy Milacron's equipment is a reciprocating screw injection device, independent filling/back pressure with closed-loop control, which ensures high-precision injection and complements Kortec technology. The co-injection UMIB blow molding machine consists of two sets of injection devices and B&R controls manufactured by Ferromatik Milacron. According to reports, the control system has been widely used in multi-component molding systems and can contain up to six injection devices; the control interface is based on MS Windows.

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