China International Office Furniture Exhibition highlights the concept of environmental protection

Many newly renovated offices will have obvious odors, and the air quality will be worrying. With the introduction of more environmentally friendly materials, such conditions will be significantly improved. The reporter of the Business Daily yesterday visited the 18th China International Office Furniture Exhibition held at the New International Expo Center. In addition to emphasizing the design level, environmental performance has also become a deliberate product selling point.

A manufacturer at the scene produced the banner of “China's only water-based furniture manufacturer”. According to the introduction, after the new wooden furniture enters the office, there will be a “vaporization period” in which the solvent in the paint is volatilized into the air, and there will be obvious odor during this time. Among the two coatings currently used in wood products, PU polyester paints have a much longer evaporation period than nitrocellulose paints. Polyester paint furniture is actually the main reason for excessive air detection. To address this type of environmental risk, a furniture coating consisting of water and natural resins has been used in the production of office furniture.

The diluent of the aqueous resin coating is water, and the components that are volatilized into the air are all water. The coating itself does not contain formaldehyde toluene TVOC and heavy metals, thereby causing zero pollution to indoor air. However, it is revealed that due to the technical stability, the adsorption and flatness and the wear resistance have technical problems. At present, the domestic water-based paint can only be used in the decoration field, and can not be used in furniture. Rely on imports.

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