Chengdu: Furniture Fairs Stimulate Industry Development

"This year's market development momentum is good! Three days before the show, we launched the marketing campaign of 'opening a store to send online stores', attracting hundreds of agents to sign up for the team!" July 5, in the fifteenth Outside the Chengdu Furniture Exhibition Hall, Su Xianhua, the deputy general manager of the pioneering furniture, told reporters with great interest.

At the exhibition site, the reporter saw that many furniture brands from Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hebei, Sichuan and other provinces competed to showcase new products and innovative marketing methods to attract new customers. The main venue of the Chengdu Furniture Fair – the first phase of the finished furniture exhibition, with an exhibition area of ​​120,000 square meters, received more than 230,000 visitors. The trade volume of the exhibition was 11.2 billion yuan and the retail price was more than 80 million yuan.

After 15 years of development, Chengdu Furniture Fair has been promoted to one of China's three major furniture fairs by a small-scale regional furniture fair with less than 500 booths. It has become the platform of choice for Chinese furniture domestic trade. Has 130,000 buyers. “To promote the furniture industry in Chengdu, to stimulate industrial demand, integrate industrial resources, and promote the transformation and upgrading of furniture enterprises and industries. The “two-wheel drive” development model of this industry and exhibitions has formed Chengdu Furniture Exhibition and Sichuan Furniture Industry. Leading the West and radiating the influence of the whole country," said Zhu Changling, chairman of the China Furniture Association.

In 2008, Chengdu Furniture Fair successfully tested the “Exhibition Shop Linkage” for the first time. The exhibition mode of “Main Venue + Sub-meeting Hall” has been used up to now, breaking through various software and hardware restrictions, and making Chengdu Furniture Fair bid farewell to “single-armed combat”. Pure exhibitions, realizing the city's linkage.

In this kind of interaction, Chengdu furniture industry has also realized the process from individual manual production to industrial production to aggregation development. Chengdu has become one of China's three major furniture manufacturing bases, China's largest plate furniture production base and China. The largest domestic market for furniture. At present, there are more than 5,000 furniture companies in Chengdu, providing jobs for 600,000 people.

In recent years, Chengdu Furniture Fair has become a lever to incite the development of the industry. Chengdu furniture enterprises borrowed the finger from the exhibition to form a boxing and hold a group, and they called the furniture brand “Chengdu Made” in the country. Since 2002, the total industrial output value of the furniture industry in Chengdu has grown at a rate of 20% per year. In 2013, the total output value reached 85 billion yuan. Through the continuous introduction of production equipment enterprises, the construction of raw and auxiliary materials enterprises, the layout of home stores, improve the circulation system, and strengthen the information construction... Chengdu furniture industry has realized the transformation from furniture manufacturing to furniture industry chain.

The reporter noted that with the promotion of the construction of the entire industrial chain of Chengdu furniture industry, Chengdu Furniture Fair also split the industrial chain section for the first time this year, split into the first-stage finished furniture exhibition and the second-stage production equipment and raw and auxiliary materials exhibition to realize "one. Two exhibitions." Jiang Hua, the permanent representative of Chengdu Furniture Exhibition Organizing Committee and deputy general manager of Chengdu New Oriental Exhibition Co., Ltd., said that “the 'One exhibition and two phases' will play an active role in improving the quality of furniture, increasing the added value of furniture and promoting the development of the furniture industry.”

Over the years, Chengdu Furniture Fair has deepened its domestic trade market and differentiated itself from the same type of exhibitions in China. It has accumulated rich dealer resources in all levels of markets, especially in the secondary and tertiary markets. In the first 4 months, the above-scale enterprises in China's furniture industry have completed the main business income of 205.149 billion yuan. Among them, the Sichuan furniture industry represented by Chengdu Furniture Industry, the above-scale enterprises have completed the steady growth of their main business income, in various provinces. Has jumped to fourth place.

Good demonstration of transformation and upgrading

The practice of Chengdu Furniture Fair proves that the convention and exhibition industry is not only an important bridge for communication and cooperation between industries and regions, but also plays an important role in promoting regional economic development. The coefficient of promoting regional economic development is about 1:9. According to statistics, this year's Chengdu Furniture Fair, the first phase of the finished furniture exhibition, has boosted the service industry to increase revenue by about 852 million yuan. Among them, the exhibition industry, commercial and retail industry, transportation industry, accommodation industry and other industries increased their income by more than 100 million yuan.

More realistically, the convention and exhibition industry is still playing an important role in promoting industrial restructuring, transformation and upgrading, and accelerating the development of an open economy. The development of Chengdu Furniture Fair and Sichuan furniture industry is a typical demonstration of the benign interaction between the convention and exhibition industry and the real economy. The essence is to transform the industrial driving force from the manufacturing industry to the two-wheel drive of manufacturing and service industries. One of the goals of the current industrial transformation and upgrading.

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