Carton production: refine defective product control

The production of defective products in actual production often mirrors the management oversight. If we do not pay attention to some details, and let it go, the problem of defective products will not be solved very well. By changing management methods, using lean manufacturing guidelines to control defective products and achieving lean core ideas, waste is reduced to a minimum, and defective products can be effectively controlled. In response, the reporter interviewed and collected a number of measures to control the production of defective products in the carton factory and deal with defective products. They are summarized as follows for reference.

First of all, the processing of defective products should never be simplified. When a defective product appears in production, the traditional practice is for the operator to rework or scrap the non-conforming product, so that if the problem is not solved, a similar problem will occur again and again. In the investigation, the reporter found that carton factories with higher management levels will find out the causes and analyze the results when they encounter bad products. It is a common practice to: Under the principle of reducing waste, it is possible to remedy defective products that have been reached after repair and take certain measures. Remedies that cannot be remedied are generally sold as waste paper. During the interview with reporters, some of the carton factories were very human when dealing with unrecoverable non-performing products. They broke bad products bearing important customer logos and sold waste paper to prevent lawbreakers from using counterfeit packaging. This move not only safeguards the interests of customers, but also wins the trust of customers. In addition, special non-conforming product display stands were set up, and on-site operation personnel were assigned to conduct analysis one by one to identify the causes of each defective product. Corresponding corrective measures were proposed for the cause, and records were filed to establish a complete record of defective products. Production practice shows that this kind of measure can play a good warning role. Second, it can form an incentive mechanism in the on-site operation personnel, greatly reducing the rate of product failure.

Second, in the production of abnormal conditions to be urgently dealt with, the bad products were killed in the "cradle." In the process of carton production, once the worker finds an abnormal situation, he is required to promptly respond to the leadership of the higher authorities and take emergency measures as soon as possible. For example, emergency shutdowns can be carried out if necessary, all technical forces present at the site are called to quickly handle the problem, and a practical countermeasure to prevent recurrence is formulated for the cause. The purpose of emergency treatment is not only to ensure that a defective product is not missed at the production site, and at the same time, the quality risks in the production process are eliminated.

Again, 100% of the operator's self-test is achieved. It is recognized by the production industry that the inspection activity cannot be added as an independent position, and that any additional value cannot be found afterwards. Afterwards, finding defective products is not the most effective way to reduce waste. However, if the 100% inspection is used as a process, it is not wasteful. It is a necessary condition to ensure that the product meets the specified requirements. Therefore, the operator must be required to perform full inspection as part of the process control. Therefore, the duties of inspection workers are not to detect unqualified products but to completely eliminate nonconforming products. At present, carton factory is more popular in the next process of supervision of the previous process is to take this as the goal, through the clear responsibilities and develop a rewards and punishment system, prompting the operator to check, find defective products, to prevent non-conforming products flow to the next process.

Again, perform standardization operations. Most carton factories with higher management standards have established a standardized operation system through the accumulation of their own experience or with the help of consulting companies. The standard operation starts with the defective products in the field. When standard work instructions are prepared and the work flow is defined, the standards are quantified as far as possible so that the quality can be effectively controlled, and the operator's operations can be regularized and regularized. The rate is controlled to the lowest and the waste of work is completely eliminated. What needs to be emphasized is that the key to standardized operations is implementation.


The idea of ​​lean production has been applied in a wide range of applications in the carton industry. This "magic weapon" to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profits will surely gain more and more applications in cartons. Hope that with the help of lean production ideas, carton enterprises can be invincible in the fierce competition!

Source: Global corrugated box industry

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