Book Covering Quality Exploration

Traditional book cover binding, whether it is hardcover, paperback, flat back, round back, or Galle mouth, plus envelope, whether it is high-end or low-grade books, basically using glazing, laminating and other surface finishing technology. In the design and processing of front cover text and designs, color printing, hot stamping, and gold press convex processes are also used. In recent years, with the improvement of people's material and cultural living standards, people are increasingly demanding the quality and style of book binding. How to explore new process ways and change the binding mode of books to meet the different cultural needs of different groups It is undoubtedly the issue that publishers, books and periodicals printing companies should seriously consider and break through.

To this end, Yunnan's national defense printing plants based on the book printing market, brave to innovate, and boldly explored, took a road of their own, and effectively promoted the application of new technologies and new techniques in book cover binding. Currently, it has been applied to multiple sets of books. It also contributed to the prevention of the outflow of quality books.

Using special printing technology to increase the color change of the cover In the creative design of the cover, the national defense factory tried to use some unique printing technology according to the requirements of the publishing unit and the characteristics of the readership. For example, in the design of a batch of juvenile books, boldly using a partial UV coating on the matt film, screen printing colorful crystals and matte special ink and other processes, increased the three-dimensional sense of the cover, giving the graphics and crystal clear The effect also highlights the lively, sunny style of the cover. Corresponding to the use of feature binding techniques on the cover to enhance the book's ornamental value, this is undoubtedly a new attempt to apply a variety of process combinations in traditional post-press processing methods, and achieved the desired results, and also obtained the publishing unit. With the unanimous praise of the sales unit and the recognition of consumers, the amount of book printing has increased repeatedly.

The use of laser engraving technology to improve the quality of book binding equipment At present, the national defense factory is working to break through the previous book cover patterns and text can only rely on printing to copy the traditional way of the graphic, and some new technology, new technology, bold exploration and research. For example, instead of printing with a laser engraving method, a graphic effect without ink is generated on the cover to increase the three-dimensional image and increase the quality of the cover. At the same time, we also consider using a number of different materials and processes for scientific combination, and strive to use the perfect combination of more innovative ideas and new process technologies to improve the overall quality and quality of the book cover, in order to achieve people's heart Love to see the purpose.

Zheng Xin, Yunnan's national defense printing factory Source: Ke Yin Media

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