Bobbi builds Rachel Roy Fall/Winter 2012 collection

“RachelRoy2012 Fall/Winter 2012 is inspired by nature, consisting of rich and rich colors and original natural textures. To make this collection even better, the earth tones highlight the eye makeup and the healthy bronze cheeks The nude lips embellish the entire makeup."

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Rachel Roy model makeup

RachelRoy model makeup

Makeup build steps:

The first step: use moisturizing moisturizing cream and moisturizing eye cream to moisturize the skin and do a basic foundation work.

Step 2: Usually, I will start from the facial skin. But the focus of this makeup is smoky eye makeup, so I will finish the eye makeup first, to prevent the eyeshadow from falling on the cheeks, and then easy to cover. First, choose a pearlescent eye shadow such as No. 4 璀璨 eye shadow, and use an eye shadow brush to brush it from the root of the lash to the fold of the eyelid. Then choose a dark green eye shadow such as No. 6 璀璨 eye shadow, use the smudge eye shadow brush to smudge it on the top and bottom of the lash root.

Step 3: Next, brush the 2nd eye shadow under the brow bone to brighten the eyes.

Step 4: Brush a layer of mascara to complete the entire eye makeup.

Step 5: Use a modified concealer or a perfect light concealer box to cover the dark circles and brighten the entire lower eyelid triangle.

Step 6: Then use Shurong powder to modify the red part of the facial skin to create a natural and transparent effect.

This Rachel Roy show is ingeniously in the form of static display.

This RachelRoy show is ingeniously in the form of static display.

Step 7: Use feather soft powder or feather soft powder to focus on the oily area of ​​the face and swipe the entire face.

Step 8: Use a brush to apply blush, smudge the apple muscle in a circular motion, then sweep toward the hairline and swipe down the jaw line.

Step 9: Press the No. 2 Yuehong Lip Balm on your lips with your fingers for a matte natural makeup effect.

Step 10: Finally, pick a brow powder that is similar to the hair color and use the eyebrow brush to complete the makeup.

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