B0PP laser holographic anti-pseudo-shrink film

Comprehensive multi-layer co-extrusion B0PP film manufacturing technology and wide-band laser holographic plate-making and molding technology, through the preparation of non-destructive anti-counterfeit identification on BOPP film for easy consumer identification to achieve anti-counterfeiting purposes.

BOPP laser holographic anti-pseudo-shrink film has the following characteristics: It has a high degree of shrinkage characteristics and enhances the aesthetic appearance of the cigarette pack: the holographic layer gives the cigarette film better antistatic, anti-adhesive properties and machine adaptability; resistance to ink erosion, moisture vapor barrier, carbon dioxide, etc. High capacity, maintain the inherent aroma of the packaged goods, extend the shelf life of the packaged goods; can reduce other anti-counterfeiting measures that are not easy for consumers to identify, greatly reduce the cost of anti-counterfeit; recyclable, comprehensive cost advantages are obvious: completely green, environmental protection Wait.

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