Avery Dennison Launches Self-Adhesive Film Designed for High-Quality Images

Recently, Avery Dennison Graphics Europe Branch put two new adhesive films it developed into the market. These two types of adhesive films are designed specifically for high-quality digital images. In order to promote the new product developed by the company, the slogan printed by Avery Dennison Company is "easy to print, easy to apply, and easy to remove".

The two new models are Avery MPI 1004 Easy Apply and Avery MPI 2004 Easy. The Avery MPI 1004 Easy is designed for curved and corrugated surfaces; Avery MPI 2004 Easy is designed for flat surfaces.

MPI 1004 is a white, smooth cast vinyl with a length of 50 microns. This vinyl is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can be used on various types of surfaces such as composite curved, corrugated, and riveted surfaces.

MPI 2004, which is 80 microns in length, is also a white, glossy vinyl, and the difference with MPI 1004 is that MPI 2004 is a calendared vinyl. MPI 2004 is mainly suitable for flat or slightly curved surfaces, so it can be applied in graphics, signs and medium outdoor advertising.

Information Source: China Printing and Packaging Network

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