4 skin spring moisturizing tips

It’s time for the skin to change seasons. It’s often said that good skin is maintained, and the focus of maintenance is moisturizing. I believe that many MMs have a moisturizing maintenance work, but are you sure you have chosen the right moisturizing method for your skin? How do MMs of different skin types moisturize in the spring to ensure that the skin is watery?

1 The most important feature of dry skin is that it often feels tight skin. After washing the face for 20 minutes, it also feels dry on the face, and it is often not enough to use moisturizing essence .

The skin has a self-protective effect, and the sebaceous glands constantly secrete oil to keep the skin lubricated. For dry skin, what is lacking is the function of maintaining natural moisture. When the skin moisture content is insufficient, the surface cells are easily damaged; in severe cases, the external dry environment may absorb any remaining water. Under such a vicious cycle, the skin will be more dry and rough and aging. Therefore, for dry skin, in addition to the necessary moisture to replenish the surface of the skin, it is more important to improve the water retention capacity from the deeper layers of the skin.

For dry skin MM, you don't need to spray lotion in the morning and evening, just apply a moisturizing lotion. If you are a working person who needs regular makeup, you can prepare a small packaged cucumber mask that is sold on the market. It is convenient and quick to moisturize, but remember to use the lotion to lock in moisture after use. A soft, moisturizing lotion is the first choice, and a botanical extract is also effective in soothing the skin.

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The brand star product has excellent moisturizing degree and contains millions of molecular weight hyaluronic acid. It can inject dry water into the cells about 1000 times the weight of the molecule itself. At the same time, it also contains copper/zinc/magnesium trace element complex. The essence (SepitonicM3), which provides energy to cells and enhances the ability of cells to collect water.

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