39 enterprises in Dongguan on the "black list" Five children's furniture industry failed

Yesterday, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau announced the announcement of the quality supervision of 10 kinds of products such as food machinery in Guangdong Province. The qualified rate of in-product quality sampling batch was 81%. Among them, there are 39 companies in Dongguan on the “black list”.

According to the announcement, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau has inspected 1,547 food machinery, metal cutting machine tools, power transformers, aluminum alloy profiles, PVC building pipes, wood-based panels, children's furniture, wood lacquers, powder coatings and garments produced by 1547 production companies. A total of 2113 batches of 10 kinds of products, 1673 batches passed the test, 440 batches failed, the qualified rate of sample sampling batch was 79.2%, except for 38 batches that failed to identify the product, the pass rate of the product internal quality sampling batch was 81%. .

The reporter noted that in the list of unqualified tests, there were 39 companies in Dongguan on the “black list”. Among them, there are 15 wood-based panel products, the largest among all the unqualified product types. In addition, there are 7 PVC building pipe products, 5 children's furniture products, 4 wood lacquer products and clothing products respectively.

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