Top-tier golf provider Titleist packs golf balls in a personalized box, and Odyssey's POP printing plant incorporates cutting-edge, high-speed digital die-cutting technology to not only use roller digital presses to print custom-made point-of-sale display ads. And the development of a quick te
The PET bottle market has grown rapidly and the increase has been extremely impressive. In China, there are not only super PET bottle manufacturers such as Zhuhai Zhongfu and Shanghai Zijiang, but also beverage companies like Wahaha, Master Kong, and Huiyuan have invested heavily in the introducti
China Tea Co., Ltd. Changsha Tea Factory is one of the largest tea manufacturers in China. The company's annual output of various types of tea totals 10,000 tons, and annual sales amount to 140 million yuan (about 18 million US dollars). The products are exported to more than 40 countries. Amo
CN2744507 The single-sided corrugated board production line preheater is set between the paper frame of the paperboard production line and the core paper presetter. The preheater is composed of a fixed bracket and a preheating plate arranged on the bracket. The preheating plate is placed on the b
4 exposure light source and exposure time determination In the new century, we must pay more attention to light sources. The 500-watt incandescent lamp, light halogen lamp and fluorescent lamp bundle suspended on the ceiling are not economical. These light sources have a relatively long exposure