1. Irradiation characteristics Food storage is very important for both agricultural producers and ordinary consumers. According to the statistics of the United Nations, there are thousands of tons of tons of food in the world every year. Even billions of tons of food have been lost in storage due
First, a trademark cannot be used as a trademark with geographical names, but can only indicate the place of origin of the goods, which will not enable consumers to identify the role of the producers of goods, and it will easily lead to confusion in the place of production. There are a large numbe
In the cold winter, we need hot drinks to warm up. In the right season, we have studied the problem of heating bottles. Beverage bottles produce plasticizers during continuous heating and produce toxic substances to the human body. With the passing of winter, in the hot summer days, we need iced d
Many people have different types of houses and decoration styles, and most of the finished furniture is relatively popular in design, it is difficult to meet the individual requirements of consumers. Therefore, custom furniture is more and more popular in the market. In the past ten years, custom-m
With the continuous development of food toxicology research methods, there is a new understanding of the possible chronic toxicity, teratogenicity, carcinogenicity, and mutagenicity of some food additives. The pollution of food additives to food has also attracted people's attention. There are t